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In order to apply for a Pennsylvania Hazardous Waste Permit, submit a completed permit application to:

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Management
Division of Hazardous Waste Management
P.O. Box 69170
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9170

Applicants for a hazardous waste treatment or disposal permit are advised to meet with the appropriate regional office to discuss their intentions. In addition, applicants should address the Module 9 Siting Criteria prior to the submission of an application. Failure to meet any of the exclusionary criteria identified in the Module 9 will result in denial of the application.

A check in the amount of the application fee made payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" must accompany the permit application. Fee amounts are shown in 25 Pa. Code, Chapter 270a.3. The application fee is non-refundable.

The following documents must be completed and submitted to the Department along with the application fee. The forms and instructions are available as individual Microsoft Word Documents.

1. Hazardous Waste Storage, Treatment, or Disposal Permit Application The following forms are available in elibrary

2. Compliance History Form HW - C

  • Completion of Form HW-C is required for the Department to access the applicant's history of compliance with laws, rules, and regulations relating to environmental protection within Pennsylvania as well as out of state. Please respond to each item. If an item does not apply, enter "None" or "N/A". Please pay particular attention to the instructions for the Certification of this document (see Instructions, No. 9 and Page 5 of 5).
  • Compliance History Form HW - C 2540-FM-BWM0058 (eLibrary)

3. Additional Forms

Complete information regarding these requirements is cited within the Department's regulations, 25 PA Code, Chapter 264a (copies available upon request) and 40 CFR Part 264 incorporated at 25 PA Code, §264a.1.

If you need further information, please contact the Bureau of Waste Management, Division of Hazardous Waste Management at 717-787-6239.