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Statewide Recycling Data

In 2020, over 4.99 million tons of recyclable materials were collected and processed in Pennsylvania. This removed the equivalent of more than 7.10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the air. This number is equal to over 1.54 million passenger vehicles taken off the road for one year. These same recycled resources are also equal to eliminating the electricity used in over 1.29 million homes per year.

Pennsylvania’s recycling experienced a reduction of 0.26 million tons in 2020 from the prior year, 2019, a 5.02% reduction. 2020 statewide recycling was impacted by the pandemic, contributing to increased recycling in some counties and a reduction in others. 32 counties reported more materials recycled and 35 counties reported less materials recycled.

Summary of Environmental Benefits Analysis Table

Larger version of the Environmental Equivalency Summary table.

NOTE: Equivalents have been re-evaluated to include tonnages from Comingled Materials; therefore, are higher than in previous reports.

*Number is high due to unusual increase in amount recycled for Mixed Metals that year.

Total recycling in PA graph

Larger version of the Total Recycling in Pennsylvania graph.