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UST Operators

Amendments to the Storage Tank Program Regulations (25 Pa Code, Chapter 245) took effect on Saturday, Dec. 26, 2009, upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. These amendments represent final actions to satisfy Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act provisions in the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 and related U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines to States for implementing the Underground Storage Tank Program.

This final rulemaking adds underground storage tank operator training requirements to the existing regulations. The rulemaking establishes three distinct classes of storage tank operators who must be designated by tank owners and trained no later than Aug. 8, 2012. Required and acceptable forms of training are addressed for each class of operator. Existing regulations provide for DEP approval of training providers and courses.

After June 28, 2010, written instructions or procedures shall be provided and visible at manned storage tank facilities, and be readily available for unmanned facilities for persons performing duties of the Class C operator to follow and to provide notification necessary in the event of emergency conditions. The following documents have been developed to assist underground storage tank owners and operators in meeting both the operator training and written procedures requirements:

Operator Training in Brief: What you need to know (PDF)

A Special Note Regarding Class C Operators at UST Facilities

Amendments to the Storage Tank Regulations may be viewed at Section 245.436 Operator Training.  For questions concerning the regulatory amendments, contact DEP’s Storage Tank Program at 1-800-42TANKS (PA Only) or 717-772-5599, or e-mail at  Further information will be provided through this Web site.

Tank owners wishing to register underground storage tanks are required to document their Class A and Class B operators at the time of registration.  This is accomplished through the UST Operator Training Documentation Form (2630-PM-BECB0514a) and submittal of copies of the Class A and Class B operators' training certificates.

The list of approved training providers for Class A and Class B UST Operators can be found at the following link:

UST Operator Approved Training Providers

For those interested in becoming Class A or Class B Operator trainers, please submit the Storage Tank Training Course Approval Application form # (2630-FM-BECB0402).

Click here for a presentation regarding UST operator training as given at the 2012 National Institute of Storage Tank Managers (NISTM) Pa. Conference in Harrisburg on April 27, 2012.