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UST Inspections

Initial inspections are required on all systems. Initial inspection is defined as the first inspection after the effective date of this regulation, which is Oct. 11, 1997. UST systems that have not been inspected for the first time must be inspected as follows:

Tank Installation DateInitial (or first-time) Inspection is required:
Tanks installed before Dec. 1, 1989by Oct. 11, 1999
Tanks installed between Dec. 23, 1989 and Oct. 11, 1997by Oct. 11, 2002
Tanks installed after Oct. 11, 19976 to 12 months after installation

Some UST systems have already been initially inspected. In those cases, subsequent inspections are required every three (3) years. Any time there is a change in ownership, a facility inspection must be completed six to 12 months after the ownership change. The department may require additional inspections to protect the environment. The owner will be notified in writing if an additional inspection is necessary.

If a modification was performed in order to bring the tank or tank system into compliance, an UST Modification Report form must be used to report the activities completed. A certified installer (UMX) must be hired to do the work. The UST Modification Report must be submitted to DEP within 30 days of completing the tank handling activity.

Tank owners are reminded that only inspectors certified by DEP in the underground tank inspector category (IUM) can perform facility inspections.

Click the link below to access a list, updated daily, of Storage Tank Certified Companies. You may search by DEP Region, County, and Certification Category. This list may be exported in a variety of formats, or to obtain a printed copy of the latest list, call the customer service unit at 1-800-42-TANKS (toll-free within PA) or 717-772-5599 (local and out-of-state). Choose an inspection company with underground inspectors (IUM).

Storage Tank Certified Companies Search

Link to Commonly Asked Questions by Storage Tank Owners Concerning Facility Operations Inspections (PDF).


Inspection reports may be emailed to Central Office and the appropriate Regional Office. The email addresses are:

NOTE: These email addresses are to be used exclusively for electronic inspection report submittals. Please be aware that the maximum file size for attachments is 10 MB. Additionally, please note that electronic inspection report submittal via these email addresses does not guarantee receipt of the inspection report by the Department. It is recommended that email read receipts are used and properly documented. DO NOT USE THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR SUBMITTING A FORMAL RIGHT TO KNOW LAW REQUEST TO THE DEPARTMENT.


2019 IUM Seminar Presentation (PDF)

For more information or for printed copies of UST Inspection forms, write or call:

DEP, Bureau of Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields
Division of Storage Tanks 
P.O. Box 8762 
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8762 
Phone: 1-800-42-TANKS (within PA) or 717-772-5599.