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Active Underground Bituminous Coal Mining Application
The Active Underground Bituminous Coal Mining application enables users to view and select active and historic mining activity in the Pennsylvania’s bituminous coal seams including: active underground permit boundaries, longwall mining panels, longwall panel plus dates and mined out areas.

PA DEP GIS Open Data Portal
Access to all publicly published, non-sensitive GIS data. Over 300 data layers are periodically updated. Useful layers regarding underground coal mining include:

  • Active Underground Permit Boundaries
  • Longwall Mining Panels
  • Digitized Mining Areas

PASDA (Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access)
Download GIS data, Topographic Maps, Aerial Imagery, etc. from a host of providers. DEP GIS layers such as: Digitized Mined Out Areas, Longwall Panels, and Active Underground Permit Boundaries are updated as needed and made available on this site for anyone to download.

PA Mine Map Atlas
View and download underground coal mine maps at specific site locations. Individual maps are linked to their PHUMMIS database record for information on each map. By clicking on "Map Details" on the map list record, the PHUMMIS database will launch and open to the map sheets information.

PHUMMIS (PA Historic Underground Mine Map Inventory System)
This database, contains information relevant to past and present underground mining within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including, but not limited to, maps, indices, locations of mines, and other pertinent data. The records are linked to the PA Mine Map Atlas and, in some cases, by clicking the "Map Link" button at the top of a record, the PA Mine Map Atlas will launch and zoom to the mine map at its real world location.

PA DEP Mine Subsidence Insurance Risk Map
Information about the PA Department of Environmental Protection Mine Subsidence Insurance program. Check for risk, apply for insurance, renew coverage, etc.