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Equipment Task Force

Listed below are specifications developed by the Equipment Task Force pursuant to the Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal Mine Safety Act. Section 350 Equipment Approvals. Section D.

(d) Written criteria for equipment performance specifications. A task force shall be established to develop written criteria for equipment performance specifications.

(1) The task force shall be comprised of equal numbers of representatives, not less than two nor more than four, selected by the department and the major trade association representing coal operators in this Commonwealth. Final consensus on performance specifications shall be determined by a majority of the task force.

(2) The task force shall develop performance specifications for approval of equipment and reserves the right, for just cause, to add or delete from the developed equipment performance specifications.

(3) All equipment performance specifications approved pursuant to the stipulation of settlement shall remain in effect unless and until they are modified, suspended or revoked by this act, regulations promulgated under this act or the equipment performance specifications task force.

Current Membership
Chas WashlackProgram ManagerBureau of Mine Safety
Art BrowerElectrical Engineering ManagerBureau of Mine Safety
Chris O’NeilGeneral Manager, MaintenanceCONSOL Energy
Joseph SomogyiMaintenance ManagerRosebud Mining Company