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Diesel Approvals Required

Chapter 4 
Diesel-Powered Equipment
Approvals Required by the Department

Diesel Engine and Exhaust Emissions Control Approvals

Equipment manufacturers should submit the following:

  • ISO 8178-1 Laboratory test results required in Section 403(a)(1). If these test results are not available, a request may be submitted to the Technical Advisory Committee as outlined in Section 403(a)(3).
  • Calculations showing average concentration of diesel particulate matter required in Section 403(a)(1) using 100 percent of the MSHA Part 7 ventilation quantity.
  • Diagrams, schematics, and specifications confirming the system complies with Section 403(b)(1)-(10).
  • Engine MSHA approval number, MSHA cfm per rated HP, and MSHA Part 7 ventilation quantity.

Diesel-Powered Equipment Approvals

Equipment manufacturer should submit the following for all diesel equipment including auxiliary equipment such as fuel transportation units:

  • Diagrams, schematics, and specifications confirming this equipment complies with Section 403(c)(1) - (8), Section 408, and the Department's equipment specific "performance specifications".
  • Verification showing that the equipment incorporates an engine and emission control system that has been approved by the Department.

Mine Operating Plan Approval

Mine operators should submit the following:

  • Quality control plan for assuring that diesel fuel complies with Section 403(d).
  • Plan for fueling in the intake escapeway according to Section 411(a) or a statement fueling will not be done in intake escapeway.
  • Copy of training plans required in Sections 420, 421, and 422.
  • List of training instructors, including each instructor's qualification (resume).
  • List of diesel equipment, including the Department's approval number.
  • Copies of any prior Chapter 4 approvals to be incorporated as part of the plan.