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Energy Efficiency, Environment, and Economics (E4) Initiative

The Energy Efficiency, Environment & Economics (E4) Initiative builds upon the DEP Energy Programs Office’s (EPO) experience in working with and administering programs for energy efficiency within the industrial and large commercial sectors and a desire to do more to assist these sectors. EPO has often focused on the commercial and industrial sectors by delivering technical assistance in various forms, including: contracted onsite P2/E2 assessments, implementation of DOE training programs (such as EERE Industrial Technologies/Best Practices), and peer-to-peer forums (such as regional roundtables). We also have helped develop and promote financial assistance programs through PEDA, DCED, the Small Business Ombudsman’s Office, and partner with utilities and PUC on Act 129 implementation.

In March 2018, DEP applied for technical assistance from ACEEE (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) through a partnership with NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). The scope of ACEEE’s technical assistance was to conduct a gap analysis of energy efficiency program offerings for the industrial and commercial sectors in Pennsylvania . ACEEE’s recommendations included:

  1. Workforce development for energy efficiency and energy management
  2. Agricultural/dairy sector energy efficiency outreach
  3. Development of more effective marketing of programs and an energy efficiency resource website
  4. Expansion of technical assistance workshops for the industrial and commercial sectors

DEP has also convened a steering committee to discuss the E4 Initiative, and will continue to coordinate with our partners to facilitate a more effective approach to energy efficiency outreach for the commercial, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors. Using State Energy Program funds from the U.S. DOE, DEP has been focusing on the first two recommendations: workforce development and agriculture energy efficiency analysis and outreach.

Regarding the need for expansion of technical assistance workshops, the following energy efficiency roundtables meet in Pennsylvania. These are organized by several sponsors including the local utilities, local development districts, industrial resource centers, and technical assistance organizations. Please check with the appropriate contact for additional details and information on upcoming events:

North Central PA - North Central Pennsylvania Energy Efficiency Roundtable -contact Michelle Ferguson at

Southwest PA - Southwestern Pennsylvania Energy Efficiency Roundtable -contact Robert Young at