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Agriculture and Farming

If your business is growing crops or animals, your energy profile looks a lot different than a manufacturer or commercial building owner. You might need to move air, liquids or food around large areas, you may need to refrigerate fruit, milk or eggs, your barn or greenhouse may need heating in winter or you need specialized lighting for your plants or animals. With the increased consumer interest in local food, native plants, organic and related certifications and embodied energy – for example the energy used to from seed to table - and climate change, knowing your energy profile and managing it to conserve and save energy, thus saving money, is vital. It also makes a great marketing tool!

We've provided tabs for energy topics that may be helpful to you; but we'd like to suggest after reviewing those that you head to one of these much more in-depth sites where energy use in agriculture – including the creation of your own on-site fuel from your crops – gets more specific for your particular type of business:

  • USDA has numerous programs to assist farmers and growers with energy management
  • AgStar provides energy funding for the agricultural industry