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Phone Directory

General Information

Main Switchboard and 24-hour Emergency number484 250-5900
Environmental Complaints, weekdays484 250-5991
File Reviews484 250-5910
Fax Main484 250-5914

Director's Office
484 250-5942

Regional DirectorPatrick Patterson
Assistant Regional DirectorSachin Shankar P.E.
Emergency Response Program ManagerRex Miller
Emergency Response Program CoordinatorBen Russell
Regional Communications ManagerStephanie Berardi
Local Government LiaisonLisa Strobridge
Service RepresentativeLisa Miller
Environmental Justice CoordinatorJuan Serrat
Environmental Justice CoordinatorAmani Reid
Energy Programs Office, Regional Energy SpecialistHeather Cowley
Regional Information ManagerGary Shedlock

Business Management
484 250-5900

Business ManagerTracy Crumbliss
Records ManagementRon Mintz
Human ResourcesKim Lewis
Fiscal ManagementShawna McBurnette

Air Quality
484 250-5920

Program ManagerJames Rebarchak
New Source ReviewJames Beach, P.E.
Facilities SectionJanine Tulloch-Reid P.E.
Operations SectionJillian Gallagher
District Supervisor (Montgomery County)Helen Morris
District Supervisor (Chester & Delaware Counties)Vacant
District Supervisor (Bucks County)Ashley Davis

Chief Counsel
484 250-5930

Regional Chief CounselAdam Bram
Supervisory CounselVacant
Supervisory CounselDoug White
Supervisory CounselWilliam Gelles
Assistant CounselVacant
Assistant CounselGina Thomas
Assistant CounselBrian Glass
Assistant CounselJason Landau Goodman
Assistant CounselWilliam Gerlach
Assistant CounselRobert “Rob” McDivitt
ParalegalThamara Munoz

Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields
484 250-5960

Program ManagerRagesh Patel
Corrective ActionsRich Staron
Hazardous Sites Cleanup (HSCA) SectionBonnie McClennen
Solid Waste Supervisor (HSCA)Christine McCarthy
Solid Waste Supervisor (HSCA)Timothy Cherry
Storage Tanks SectionTom Canigiani
Water Quality Specialist Supervisor (Tanks)Sarah McCarthy
Special Projects Section (Act 2)C. David Brown

Radiation Protection
484 250-5950

Program ManagerJennifer "Niki" Minnick
X-ray & AcceleratorDavid Gaisior
Radioisotopes Safety & Special Project UnitVictoria Parker

Waste Management
484 250-5960

Program Manager Shawn Mountain
Operations SectionKevin Bauer
Solid Waste Supervisor (Montgomery County)Betsie Drust
Solid Waste Supervisor (Chester and Delaware Counties)Jason Oseredzuk
Solid Waste Supervisor (Philadelphia and Bucks Counties)Jonathan Bower
Engineering Services SectionMohamad Mazid Ph.D., P.E.

Clean Water
484 250-5970

Program ManagerThomas Magge
Watershed ManagerDavid Burke
Permits SectionPravin Patel, P.E.
Planning SectionElizabeth Mahoney
Sewage Planning SupervisorKelly Sweeney
Operations SectionRobert Bauer
Water Quality Specialist SupervisorAndrew Sinclair
Water Quality Specialist SupervisorDavid Wolfinger
Biosolids CoordinatorKevin Nuble
Water Aquatic Biology Unit SupervisorSteve Unger

Safe Drinking Water
484 250-5980

Program ManagerRob Woolston
Technical Services ChiefAndrew Strubilla, P.E.
Operations ChiefDon Detweiler
Sanitarian SupervisorNoah Fitzgerald
Sanitarian SupervisorDon Detweiler

Waterways and Wetlands
484 250-5160

Program ManagerJohn Hohenstein, P.E.
Construction Permits Section (Ch. 102)Christopher Smith, P.E.
Dams, Waterways, and Wetlands Section (Ch. 105)Ranjana Sharp, P.E.
Operations SectionRobert Page
Aquatic Biologist SupervisorChris Vlot
Coastal Zone Management RepresentativeVacant