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Civil Service Positions

How Do I Apply for a Full-Time Civil Service Position?

Most DEP positions are civil service and covered by the merit system of employment. This means that applicants must apply for and take a civil service examination before they can be interviewed. The type of examination varies based on the job title in which the applicant is interested. A few jobs require candidates to visit a State Civil Service Commission testing center in order to take a written, multiple choice exam. Most exams are now experience and training supplements, which are assessments of a candidate’s experience, education, and training. This type of assessment exam can be completed at home or on your smartphone.

Interested parties should visit and click on "Open Jobs" to see the real-time vacancies we are filling. Contained within the bulletin for each vacant position will be instructions on how to apply. Applicants will need to create a user profile, complete an online application and attach all required paperwork in order to be considered. Candidates should be specific when completing the online application and experience and training supplement because eligibility is based on the applicants' experience and training. Only those who take and pass the appropriate examination or experience and training supplement and meet the minimum experience and training requirements will be placed on a list of eligible candidates to be considered for employment opportunities.

The list of vacant positions we are filling changes frequently so we encourage you to check regularly.

Please note that for many job titles, Pennsylvania residency is required at the time of application. In addition, some job titles require possession of a driver's license or professional licensure.

References on the DEP website to engineers, geologists and/or surveyors reflect civil service job titles and do not imply professional licensure. Professional licenses may be indicated on an individual level with PE (professional engineer), PG (professional geologist) or PLS (professional land surveyor) following an employee's name.