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Asbestos Information

Because asbestos in certain forms has been determined to cause serious health problems, the DEP regulates the removal, collection, transportation, and disposal of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM). DEP does not regulate the removal of ACM from private residences unless the residence is an apartment with five or more units. Contact your township or borough to find out if there are any local regulations.

The Department of Labor and Industry enforces Pennsylvania's Asbestos Occupations Accreditation and Certification Act of 1990, which requires at least a five-day notification of any asbestos project and certification for the following asbestos occupations: contractor, inspector, management planner, project designer, supervisor and worker.

What is Asbestos?

Federal Government Information:

Understanding Asbestos (PDF)

Contractor Information

Recent Changes to the Asbestos Notification Mailing Addresses
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has decentralized the processing of Asbestos Abatement and Demolition/Renovation Notifications. Since June 11, 2016, the processing of these forms has been managed by the appropriate regional office, dependent upon the county location of the project site. The addresses are listed on the updated notification form (2700-FM-BAQ0021 revised 6/2016) linked below.
The Asbestos Notification should not be mailed to the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg. Please contact Craig Evans by e-mail or by telephone at 717-772-3995, if you have questions or need additional information concerning the mailing of these forms.

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