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Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence

Apply for the 2023 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence!

The Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence is open to any Pennsylvania business, farm, government agency, educational institution, non-profit organization and individual that has created, or participated in, the development of a project that promotes environmental stewardship in Pennsylvania.

Applications can be submitted to DEP from October 11, 2022 through December 21, 2022.

How to apply

  • DEP will accept project applications through the Award Nomination Website.
  • Refer to the Project Guidelines for information regarding project eligibility and evaluation.
  • Fill out the required information on the Award Nomination Website.
  • Provide the details about the project using this Application Form, exceeding no more than four pages.
  • Upload the Application Form.
  • Upload supplemental photos, videos, or other documentation about the project (optional).

Helpful Tips

Consider these helpful tips when filling out your application:

  • Complete each section of the Application Form.
  • Provide clear, thorough details about the project.
  • Graphs, charts, and graphics are helpful when explaining data and statistics.
  • Quantify your results, if possible. Include any information you have on the amount of pollution reduced, native species planted, people educated, clean energy generated, etc.
  • Photos, videos, press releases, letters of support, etc., are excellent supplements for project applications!


When can applicants expect to be notified if they were selected for an award?

  • Applicants selected for an award will be notified in Spring of 2023.

Can an applicant submit applications for multiple projects?

  • Yes. If an individual, organization, or business would like to apply for multiple projects, they may submit ONE application PER project.

If selected, what do applicants receive as an award?

  • If selected, applicants chosen for the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence will receive a physical award plaque.