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PA Environmental Justice Areas

How does DEP identify Environmental Justice (EJ) areas?

An EJ area is any census tract where 20 percent or more individuals live in poverty, and/or 30 percent or more of the population is minority.

* This is based on the most current census tract data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the federal guidelines for poverty.

Where are Pennsylvania's EJ areas located?

To determine if your community is located in an EJ area, reference eMap or contact the regional coordinator in your region. If you would like to find an exact location, you can follow the instructions in Using eMap PA to determine Environmental Justice (EJ) Areas (PDF), which will guide you step by step through the eMap system. The document is in Adobe PDF format. To read or print the document, you must have PDF viewing software. This software is free and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Environmental Justice Areas in PA

The Environmental Justice Areas Viewer is a tool that will also help establish whether communities are located in EJ Areas.  The EJ Viewer was released in a preliminary version with our draft Environmental Justice Public Participation Policy and can identify EJ Areas throughout Pennsylvania.  The interactive mapping tool offers access to centralized geographic, demographic, and permitted-facilities data.  Further development of the EJ Viewer will continue, with plans for complete public rollout and training on the tool offered later this year.

The proposed Environmental Justice Areas map outlines EJ Areas by block group rather than census tract.  The map is in draft form.   A map will not be confirmed until the EJ Policy is finalized.