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What is the EQB?

The Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is a 20-member independent board that adopts all of the Department of Environmental Protection's regulations. It is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection.

The 20 members of the Board include eleven state agencies: Department of Environmental Protection (Chair), Agriculture, Health, Community and Economic Development, the Public Utility Commission, the Fish and Boat Commission, the Game Commission, Labor and Industry, the Governor's Office of Policy, the Historical and Museum Commission, Transportation; five members of the Citizens Advisory Council and four members of the Senate and House. For a current membership list, see EQB Membership List.

The EQB also considers petitions to change regulations and has other responsibilities including to review State (Clean Air) Implementation Plan changes, siting a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility, and considering applications for a certificate of public necessity for hazardous waste disposal facilities.

EQB Member Guide

EQB Member Information Guide