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Who can I call for help?

To report a sinkhole potentially resulting from quarry pumping or activity, call the DEP District Mining Office that services your county.

To report a sinkhole related to any other DEP-regulated activity, call the Regional Office for your area. It is also a good idea to notify your municipality. If the activity is near a state road, contact your local PA Department of Transportation office or the police non-emergency number.

An inventory of sinkholes in Pennsylvania is kept by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). DCNR Bureau of Geological Survey.

Important Information About DEP and DCNR involvement

Please be advised that DEP or DCNR personnel may investigate your sinkhole. A hydrogeologist or engineer may request access to your property and gather additional information. However, if a sinkhole is not the result of a DEP-regulated activity, the Department has no legal recourse to help the landowner do the repairs or recover costs associated with the sinkhole. There are currently no special organizations or funding to provide aid to those with a large repair bill. Department personnel will advise you to consult a geologic and/or engineering professional to assess the problem. Ultimately, landowners are responsible for sinkhole repairs on their property.