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Conservation District Fund Allocation Program

Act 217, the Conservation District Law, provides for the General Assembly of the Commonwealth, State and Federal Agencies, Commissions and other public and private entities to appropriate moneys into a special fund known as the Conservation District Fund for allocation to local conservation districts. Funds allocated to conservation districts from this fund shall be used for activities necessary to meet the requirements of the act and costs associated with implementing programs delegated, contracted or approved by the Commission.
The Conservation District funds current receives funding from three sources.  Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Line Item, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) Line Item and the Unconventional Gas Well Fund (Act 13). IN fiscal year 2022-2023 the total deposited into the CD Fund from these three sources was $14,615,120.

The Commission provides conservation districts with funds through the CDFAP Program to be used for the employment of conservation district managers for the districts, to provide administrative funding assistance to districts, to finance Commission mandated or authorized activities. The current Commission’s CDFAP Statement of Policy was amended and approved November 12, 2014 The CDFAP Statement of Policy details how the Commission will allocate funds, how those funds may be used and reporting requirements.