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Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) System

What are Electronic DMRs?

Most wastewater treatment facilities are required to submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) that summarize effluent monitoring results to the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule ("eReporting Rule") on October 22, 2015, requiring the submission of DMRs electronically. Electronic DMR submission includes submittal confirmation and allows tracking of submission history online.

The DEP provides an electronic method (eDMR) for wastewater treatment facilities to submit DMRs, supplemental forms, and other attachments in alignment with the federal eReporting Rule. Upon registration, permittees use an eDMR report template generated specifically for their permit to enter parameter values for submission to DEP. The secure Keystone GreenPort website utilizes a username and password to provide access to eDMR. When permittees use eDMR, they no longer need to submit paper DMRs to DEP, the EPA, or other agencies. All supplemental forms can be uploaded into the eDMR system.

What types of permits are required to use the eDMR System?

Facilities with the following types of permits are required to use the eDMR system and must submit complete and accurate eDMR registration paperwork within 30 days following new permit issuance or approval of coverage under a General Permit:

  1. NPDES Individual Permit - Industrial Waste (Majors and Minors)
  2. NPDES Individual Permit - Sewage (Non-Municipal and Municipal, Majors and Minors), with the exception of Small Flow Treatment Facilities (SFTFs) and Single Residence Sewage Treatment Plants (SRSTPs)
  3. NPDES PAG-03 General Permit - Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities
  4. NPDES PAG-05 General Permit - Petroleum Product Contaminated Groundwater Remediation Systems
  5. NPDES PAG-11 General Permit - Aquatic Animal Production Facilities.

Additionally, facilities with one or more of the following types of permits are eligible to participate but not required unless otherwise outlined in the permit:

  1. NPDES Individual Sewage SFTFs
  2. NPDES PAG-10 General Permit - Hydrostatic Testing of Tanks and Pipelines
  3. Water Quality Management (WQM) Permit - Land Application (Sewage and Industrial Waste).

How is the eDMR system accessed?

Facilities must be able to access DEP’s eDMR system through the internet on a computer. The eDMR system cannot be properly accessed using a mobile phone or tablet. DEP recommends using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome internet browsers to access the website.

The eDMR system is accessed through the Keystone Greenport website. If a user previously accessed eDMR using the old DEP Greenport website (prior to March 2021) but has not created a new Keystone account and imported their access, they will not be able to log into the eDMR system. Instructions for creating a Keystone Greenport account can be found in the eDMR User Guide.

Access is restricted by the following security roles:

  • Viewer - This role enables the user to view reporting requirements, the status of submitted eDMRs and submitted reports and their data.
  • Preparer - This role provides the user with all privileges of the Viewer role plus the ability to enter/edit information into unsubmitted eDMR reports.
  • Certifier - This role provides the user with all privileges of the Viewer and Preparer roles plus the ability to submit eDMRs. Certifiers can also grant or revoke access for Viewers and Preparers.

Register for eDMR

To register for eDMR, permittees must first create Keystone GreenPort accounts. Then, permittees must complete and submit the following documents to register:

Be sure to check this webpage for the most current version of these documents. Read and follow all instructions on the eDMR Permittee Registration Form before submitting the application. The correct pages of the eDMR Permittee Registration Form must be submitted or the request will not be processed.

Submit these documents to DEP using the following email address (recommended) or mailing address:


PA Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Clean Water
Rachel Carson State Office Building
PO Box 8774
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8774

How are records retained?

The eDMR system serves as an electronic file cabinet to manage DMR reporting requirements and to receive and store DMRs submitted by facilities.

Regulations and permits require that records of monitoring activities be retained by the permittee for a certain time; a minimum of three years for NPDES data and five years for Biosolids data. After submitting reports through eDMR, the facility may either print a copy of the report and file it or save the report electronically to an on-site computer to satisfy retention requirements.

Important eDMR Links

  • eDMR User Guide (PDF)
    This guide provides step-by-step instruction on DMR submittal, as well as a contingency plan in the event there is a report or system problem.
  • DEP Alerts
    eDMR system-wide outages will be announced on this page, along with instructions on how to proceed with DMR submittal.
    This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about discharge monitoring reports.

Contact Information

For questions and support related to the eDMR system, contact the DEP Conservation and Environment Delivery Center Help Desk:

Telephone: 717-787-HELP (4357)
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm