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Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) System

What are Electronic DMRs?

Most wastewater facilities are required to submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) that summarize effluent monitoring results to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Historically, DMRs have been handled entirely through a paper recording and submission process.

DEP's electronic DMR (eDMR) system provides an alternative way for facilities to submit these reports. Using an electronic process for submitting reports can represent significant labor savings while greatly increasing the timeliness, accuracy, and overall reliability of this information.

The eDMR system is a web-based application available through the internet. The system resides within DEP's Greenport system. The system serves as an electronic file cabinet to manage DMR reporting requirements of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Water Quality Management (WQM) permits and to receive and store DMRs submitted by facilities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule ("eReporting Rule") on October 22, 2015. While use of the eDMR system has been voluntary for most facilities until now, the eReporting Rule requires facilities to start submitting DMRs electronically by December 21, 2016. DEP encourages all facilities not currently using eDMR to register as soon as possible.

What are some of the benefits of the eDMR System?

  1. Saves wastewater discharge facilities compliance costs with a streamlined reporting method and readily available computer tools
  2. Saves program costs by reducing resources required for managing paper-based DMR reports
  3. Improves accuracy of compliance data by eliminating potential errors that might otherwise be introduced through manual data entry processes
  4. Improves DEP's overall efficiency with faster responses to data analyses, compliance assessment, and decision-making
  5. Eliminates the need to send multiple copies of paper DMRs to separate agencies (e.g., EPA, DRBC, etc.)

What types of permits are eligible to participate in the eDMR System?

Facilities with one or more of the following types of permits are eligible to participate:

  1. Water Quality Management Permit - Land Application (Sewage and Industrial Waste);
  2. NPDES Individual Permit - Industrial Waste (Majors and Minors);
  3. NPDES Individual Permit - Sewage (Non-Municipal and Municipal, Majors and Minors);
  4. NPDES PAG-03 General Permit - Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities;
  5. NPDES PAG-05 General Permit - Gasoline Contaminated Ground Water Remediation Systems;
  6. NPDES PAG-10 General Permit - Hydrostatic Testing of Tanks and Pipelines; and
  7. NPDES PAG-11 General Permit - Aquatic Animal Production Facilities.

What are the system requirements to submit eDMRs?

Facilities must be able to access DEP's eDMR system through the internet. Typically, access is available either through a dedicated connection through a facility's local area network or through a connection to an Internet Service Provider.

In addition to the Internet connection, the facility will need an Internet browser program. The eDMR system is verified to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9.0 or greater, which can be downloaded for free from Facilities may find that other internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will work, but DEP cannot guarantee that all of the features of the eDMR system will be available.

Register for eDMR

To register for eDMR, you will need to submit the following documents to DEP:

Submit these documents to DEP using the following address, fax number, or email address:

PA Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Clean Water
Rachel Carson State Office Building
PO Box 8774
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8774

Contact Information

For questions and support related to the eDMR system, contact DEP's Application Support Help Desk:

Telephone: 717-787-HELP (4357)
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

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