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DMR Supplemental Reports

This site contains DEP's approved Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Supplemental Forms and links to the approved DMR and DMR Instructions.

To open and save the Supplemental Forms to your computer, click on the links. If using the Edge browser, choose Download File. Previewing instead of downloading may cause the Supplemental Forms to display incorrectly. Supplemental Forms should be completed and attached to eDMR or DMR submissions.

  • Annual Chesapeake Bay Spreadsheet V2.2 (Excel)
    (Version 2.2, 10/15/20)
    DEP has developed an Annual Chesapeake Bay Spreadsheet V2.2 (Excel) for dischargers with cap loads to use to calculate annual loads and report nutrient trading activities. This spreadsheet should be used starting October 1, 2018, and replaces all Chesapeake Bay supplemental reports.
    Wastewater Treatment Plants that are buying and/or selling credits must use the current Annual Chesapeake Bay Spreadsheet V2.2 (Excel) (Annual Nutrient Monitoring) to ensure accurate accounting.
    The spreadsheet includes macros that must be enabled prior to use and is designed for Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. The spreadsheet includes instructions, but supplemental instructions (PDF) are also available.
  • Influent and Process Control Form (Excel)
    This form is used to report daily results of influent and process control measurements. For municipal sewage facilities, it is used in part for DEP assessments of facility operation and performance under Chapter 94.
  • Hauled In Municipal Wastes Form (Excel)
    Use this form to report municipal wastes received from outside sources, such as septage, sewage sludge and other wastewaters.
  • Sewage Sludge/Biosolids Production and Disposal Form (Excel)
    This form is used to report sewage sludge and biosolids removal events for off-site or on-site use or disposal.
  • Chemical Additives Usage Form (Excel)
    This form is used to document usage of chemical additives at facilities, typically not associated with wastewater treatment.
  • Non-Compliance Reporting Form
    Use this form to document ALL permit violations and incidents that threaten health or the environment for compliance with the written reporting requirements of the permit and Chapter 91. Use attachments for further explanation as necessary.
  • CSO Monthly Summary Report Form and CSO Detailed Report Form (Excel)
    Use this form to document the inspection of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) outfalls. Note that the Excel file includes two forms, 3800-FM-BPNPSM0441 and BPNPSM0442.
  • Groundwater Monitoring Data Report Form (Excel)
    This form is used when permits require groundwater monitoring of spray irrigation sites, impoundments, or other facilities (generally WQM permits but may also be NPDES permits).
  • TMDL Load Annual Summary Form (Excel)
    This form is used to summarize monthly and annual loads where annual load reporting is required by the permit due to a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) limitation.
  • Land Application Systems Form (Excel)
    Use this form to report wastewater management activities related to land application systems under Water Quality Management (WQM) permits.
  • Hauled In Residual Wastes Form (Excel)
    This form is used by facilities to document receipt of residual wastes such as food processing wastes, leachates and wastewater from oil and gas operations.
  • Planned Changes to Wastestream Form
    This form is used for providing notification of proposed new or increased pollutant loadings to treatment facilities.
  • Surface Water Monitoring Data Report Form (Excel)
    Use this form to report results from surface water monitoring activities, where required by the permit.
  • Cooling Water Intake Monitoring Form (Excel)
    This form is used to document withdrawals of surface water by cooling water intake structures and use of cooling water at facilities.
  • Lab Accreditation Form
    This form, which documents laboratories and analytical methods used by a facility's monitoring program, must be completed once following receipt of your permit. You will not need to submit this form again during the remainder of the permit term unless there is a change in laboratory or method.
  • Discharge Monitoring Report (3800-FM-BPNPSM0462)
    DEP's official DMR template.
  • New DMR FAQ document
    This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about discharge monitoring reports.
  • Industrial Stormwater Annual Report Form
    This form is used by individual permittees to report stormwater inspections and additional information, where required by the permit. Permittees with PAG-03 coverage should use the PAG-03 Annual Report Form (3850-PM-BCW0083h)