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Residential Septage Hauler

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) defines residential septage as liquid or solid material removed from a septic tank, cesspool or similar treatment works that receives only wastewater from humans or household operations.

Approximately 605 million gallons of residential septage are generated by Pennsylvanians each year. The Pennsylvania Solids Waste Management Act requires that any individual or organization that pumps septic tanks or hauls residential septage must register with DEP.

To register, complete and submit the Residential Septage Hauler Registration form (below) and submit to DEP. Once received, DEP will issue a 5-digit transporter number to the business or municipality transporting the septage.

The registration number must be displayed on the sides and rear of each vehicle the transporter uses. The number must be at least 3 inches tall and in a color contrasting with the background.

If the hauler has more than one vehicle for hauling septage, then the number will be the same on every vehicle since it identifies the business, not the vehicle.

DEP does not charge a fee for septage hauler registration.