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Treatment Member List and Maps

Pennsylvania Water Supply Partners

The following water systems are Pennsylvania members and active participants in the Partnership for Safe Water Treatment Program. Participation shows a continuing commitment toward the goal of providing safe water 100 percent of the time and achieving operational excellence in water treatment.

Status of Water Supply Partners in Pennsylvania
113 Water Treatment Plants
Serving a Population of > 6.5 Million
Report Run November 22, 2023
PWS NamePWSIDPhase I*Phase IIPhase IIIPhase IV
Aqua PA - Bristol10900018/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - Crum Creek14600738/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - Emlenton66100196/2/2011   
Aqua PA - Neshaminy14600738/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - Pickering East14600738/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - Pickering West14600738/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - Ridley Creek14600738/20/200812/9/20123/28/2018 
Aqua PA - Roaring Creek44900242/11/19977/10/20009/7/2010 
Aqua PA - Shenango Valley64300548/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - Upper Marion14600738/20/200812/9/2012  
Aqua PA - West Chester11500988/20/200812/21/20097/13/2012 
Birdsboro Municipal Authority30600101/13/20164/10/20162/12/2020 
Blossburg Water Authority25900332/7/20019/25/20017/2/2004 
Brodhead Creek Regional Authority24500341/6/20009/26/20019/8/2003 
Cambria Twp Water Auth41100061/9/200212/6/2002  
Capital Region Water72200498/19/19996/27/20005/19/2002 
Carlisle Boro Mun Authority721000212/15/20018/1/20023/24/200410/15/2010
Chambersburg Borough Water Authority72800053/19/2009   
Chester Water Authority12300043/23/19957/2/19983/3/2004 5/2/2013
City of Bethlehem348004610/05/2010   
Columbia Water Company73601233/1/2022   
Derry Borough Municipal Auth565004911/17/199912/1/1999  
Downingtown Water Authority11500265/23/19956/1/19983/16/2002 
E. Greenville Boro Water Dept146002310/6/19996/19/20003/22/2001 
Elizabethtown Borough Water736012412/28/20057/28/20065/11/2017 
Forest Park Water (N. Wales)14600483/15/19958/8/20013/16/2002 
Galeton Borough Water Auth65300108/23/20016/26/2002  
Gallitzin Water Authority41100115/22/20008/13/2001  
Gettysburg Mun Auth34800503/5/2009   
Harrison Township Water Auth502010812/16/19999/6/2000  
Highland Sewer & Water Auth411001712/15/20002/21/20022/12/2020 
Hooversville Borough Mun Auth456003710/10/20009/17/2001  
Huntingdon Boro Water Dept43100126/20/200010/4/2001  
Jersey Shore - Larry's Creek441015611/15/19998/14/20012/13/2004 
Jim Thorpe Water Authority31300446/18/20019/23/2002  
Kittanning Suburban Joint W.A.50300439/6/20009/25/200111/1/2016 
Lancaster City - Conestoga73600583/22/19955/12/19988/19/1998 
Lancaster City - Susquehanna73600583/22/19955/12/19988/19/1998 
Lehigh County Authority - Allentown Division33900242/21/20056/12/20063/15/2007 
Lewistown Boro Mun Auth44400101/12/20018/31/2002  
Mahanoy Township Authority35400117/26/2000   
Mansfield Boro Mun Water Auth25900382/22/20019/25/2001  
Meyersdale Municipal Authority456001210/19/2000   
Middleburg Municipal Auth455001612/22/2010   
Mifflintown Municipal Authority43400081/25/2011   
Millersburg Area Authority72200348/01/2009   
Moon Township Municipal Auth50200119/21/2009   
Northampton Boro Mun Auth34800573/17/20007/26/2000  
North East Boro Water Dept62500613/30/2010   
Oakmont Borough Mun Authority50200369/24/199911/30/19995/19/2002 
PA American - Aldrich50200392/12/19968/1/19982/20/2000 
PA American - Bangor34800382/12/19968/1/19984/19/2000 
PA American - Boggs Township41401015/05/2010   
PA American - Brownell23590012/12/19968/1/19985/21/2000 
PA American - Brownsville52600052/12/19968/1/19987/15/2000 
PA American - Butler51000122/12/19968/1/19983/23/2000 
PA American - Ceasetown24090022/12/19968/1/19984/28/2000 
PA American - Clarion61600012/12/19966/30/20054/30/2008 
PA American - Crystal Lake24090032/12/19968/1/19986/29/2000 
PA American - Ellwood63700112/12/19968/1/19982/23/2000 
PA American - Fallbrook23590062/12/19968/1/19984/15/2000 
PA American - Forest City23590142/12/19968/1/19984/1/2000 
PA American - Hays Mine50200392/12/19968/1/19982/20/2000 
PA American - Hershey72200172/12/19968/1/199812/6/1999 
PA American - Huntsville24090132/12/19968/1/19984/27/2009 
PA American - Indiana53200252/12/19968/1/19982/12/2000 
PA American - Kane64200192/12/19968/1/19989/26/2000 
PA American - Kittanning50300082/12/19968/1/19981/9/2000 
PA American - Milton44900232/12/19968/1/19989/26/2000 
PA American - Montrose25800232/12/19968/1/19984/28/2000 
PA American - Nesbitt24090102/12/19968/1/19985/21/2000 
PA American - New Castle63700342/12/19968/1/19985/27/2000 
PA American - Norristown14600462/12/19968/1/19988/25/2000 
PA American - Philipsburg41400872/12/19968/1/19989/26/1999 
PA American - Punxsutawney63300102/12/19968/1/19988/25/2000 
PA American - Coatesville11501063/21/20016/25/20039/3/2015 
PA American - Lake Scranton23590082/12/19968/1/19987/15/2000 
PA American - Shady Lane11501661/15/2002 6/13/2003 12/6/2012 
PA American - Silver Spring72100292/12/19968/1/19984/28/2000 
PA American - Stony Garden34800551/15/20026/13/20032/10/2011 
PA American - Susquehanna25800242/12/19968/1/19987/15/2000 
PA American - Watres24090112/12/19968/1/19987/15/2000 
PA American - West Shore RWTP72100292/12/19967/17/20074/11/2012 
PA American - White Deer44900232/12/19968/1/19989/26/2000 
PA American - Yardley10900742/12/19966/30/2009  
Phila Water Dept - Baxter15100011/2/19967/23/199812/10/1998 
Phila Water Dept - Belmont15100011/2/19967/23/199812/10/1998 
Phila Water Dept - Queen Lane15100011/2/19967/23/199812/10/1998 
Phoenixville Water Dept.115007710/1/2019   
Pike Township Mun Authority61700133/20/200110/10/2001 7/17/2013 
Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Auth50200385/10/20021/23/2003  
Portage Mun Auth - Bens Creek41100279/7/20002/26/2001  
Portage Mun Auth - Martindale41100279/7/20003/6/2001  
Pottstown Borough Water Auth146003710/3/20016/6/2002  
Reading Area Water Authority3060059 5/12/20093/15/201011/30/2015 
Red Lion Mun Authority76700863/1/20019/25/2001  
Robinson Township Mun Auth50200452/15/20009/26/20016/27/2007 
Schuylkill Co - Broad Mtn35400385/14/20014/15/2002  
Schuylkill Co - Indian Run35400385/14/20014/15/20023/21/2017 
Schuylkill Co - Mt Laurel35400385/14/20014/15/20024/15/2005 
Shamokin Dam Borough45500224/2/200112/12/2001  
Shenandoah Mun Water Authority35400447/19/20009/25/200110/29/2003 
Spring Twp Municipal Authority45500115/23/20018/12/2002  
State College Borough Water Authority4140096 5/26/2009   
Union City Municipal Authority625006411/20/20009/27/2001  
Waynesboro Borough Auth72800328/6/19996/8/2000  
Western Berks Water Auth.30600668/6/20038/6/20038/5/2010 
Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority50200564/5/2023   
Williamsport Mun Authority44101737/12/20006/22/20019/3/2008 
Williamstown Borough Auth72200372/01/2010   
Wrightsville Municipal Auth76700972/9/20019/28/2001  
York Water Company76701002/6/20146/3/2014  
* Systems with Phase I dates on or before 4/1/1998 joined the National Partnership prior to joining DEP's regional program

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recognizes the outstanding efforts of the following water systems in completing the Self-Assessment and Correction Phase of the Partnership for Safe Water. Completion of this advanced phase exemplifies a strong commitment to optimizing treatment processes and providing safe drinking water to consumers.

Pennsylvania Water Supply Partners Completing Phase III 
65 Water Treatment Plants Completing Phase III 
Serving a population of  >5 Million 
Report Run November 22, 2023
Lancaster City - Conestoga73600588/19/1998
Lancaster City - Susquehanna73600588/19/1998
Phila Water Dept - Baxter151000112/10/1998
Phila Water Dept - Belmont151000112/10/1998
Phila Water Dept - Queen151000112/10/1998
PA American - Philipsburg41400879/26/1999
PA American - Hershey722001712/6/1999
PA American - Kittanning50300081/9/2000
PA American - Indiana53200252/12/2000
PA American - Aldrich50200392/20/2000
PA American - Hays Mine50200392/20/2000
PA American - Ellwood63700112/23/2000
PA American - Butler51000123/23/2000
PA American - Forest City23590144/1/2000
PA American - Fallbrook23590064/15/2000
PA American - Bangor34800384/19/2000
PA American - Silver Spring72100294/28/2000
PA American - Montrose25800234/28/2000
PA American - Ceasetown24090024/28/2000
PA American - Nesbitt24090105/21/2000
PA American - Brownell23590015/21/2000
PA American - New Castle63700345/27/2000
PA American - Crystal Lake24090036/29/2000
PA American - Susquehanna25800247/15/2000
PA American - Brownsville52600057/15/2000
PA American - Watres24090117/15/2000
PA American - Lake Scranton23590087/15/2000
PA American - Norristown14600468/25/2000
PA American - Punxsutawney63300108/25/2000
PA American - Milton44900239/26/2000
PA American - Kane64200199/26/2000
PA American - White Deer44900239/26/2000
E. Greenville Boro Water14600233/22/2001
Downingtown Water Authority11500263/16/2002
Forest Park Water (N. Wales)14600483/16/2002
Oakmont Borough Mun50200365/19/2002
Capital Region Water72200495/19/2002
Brodhead Creek Regional Authority24500349/8/2003
Shenandoah Mun Water Auth354004410/29/2003
Jersey Shore - Larry's Creek44101562/13/2004
Chester Water Authority12300043/03/2004
Carlisle Boro Mun Authority72100023/24/2004
Blossburg Mun Authority25900337/02/2004
Schuylkill Co - Mt Laurel35400384/15/2005
Lehigh County Authority (Allentown Division) 33900243/15/2007
Robinson Township Mun Auth50200456/27/2007
PA American - Clarion61600014/23/2008
Williamsport Mun Authority44101739/03/2008
PA American - Huntsville24090134/27/2009
Western Berks Water Authority30600668/5/2010
Aqua PA - Roaring Creek44900249/7/2010
PA American - Stony Garden34800552/10/2011
PA American - West Shore RWTP72100294/11/2012
Aqua PA - West Chester11500987/13/2012
PA American - Shady Lane115016612/06/2012
Pike Township61700137/17/2013
PA American - Coatesville11501069/3/2015
Reading Area Water Authority306005911/30/2015
Kittanning Suburban Joint W.A503004311/1/2016
Schuylkill Co - Indian Run35400383/21/2017
Elizabethtown Borough Water73601245/11/2017
Aqua PA Ridley Creek14600733/28/2018
Highland Sewer & Water Authority41100172/12/2020
Birdsboro Municipal Authority30600102/12/2020
​Aqua PA - Bristol

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recognizes the outstanding efforts of the following water systems in completing the Final Phase of the Partnership for Safe Water. Completion of this advanced phaseprovesthe systems strong commitment to optimizing treatment processes and providing safe drinking water to consumers. Systems that reach this phase receive an "Excellence In WaterTreatment" Award.

Pennsylvania Water Supply Partners Completing Phase IV
2 Water Treatment Plant Completing Phase IV
Serving a Population of 170,751
Report Run June 20, 2023
Carlisle Boro Mun Authority721000210/15/2010
Chester Water Authority12300045/2/2013