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Partnership for Safe Water Information and Benefits (PDF)

Water System Quotes on the Partnership for Safe Water

"The nature of the program makes it useful in different ways for each utility. Obviously, the greatest benefit is realized when a utility makes a dramatic improvement to the finished water quality as a result of using the Partnership program as a guide...Also, it is beneficial for our utility to know that our goal to attain excellence and not merely 'meet the standards' is shared by respected industry people."

-- Jeff Pifer, Manager, Forest Park Water (North Wales Water and North Penn Water Authorities)

"This was a group effort where all of the staff, from top to bottom, have adopted the Partnership for Safe Water philosophy. It's not just a single person who improves a utility's drinking water quality and sustains it at this high level of performance. We are all behind it 100%."

-- John Lichman, Executive Director, Downingtown Municipal Water Authority

"We joined the Partnership for Safe Water so we could have the ability to use a computer for our water system. This gives us the added benefit of using Partnership software, producing CCRs, printing monthly operating reports, and having Internet access. Being involved in this program improves relations with our customers. We are also looking for the Partnership to help us with new regulations."

-- Dan Grinnell, Assistant Manager, Blossburg Water Authority

"The availability of national resources and a review of the data is what caught my attention. We just hope to get a good running plant out of the program, which is especially challenging on a flashy source water like ours."

-- Ronald Weed, Water Department Manager, Mansfield Borough Water Authority

"I wouldn't turn down a chance like this to provide better water quality. We liked the name 'partnership' because it was an opportunity for assistance in the direction of new technologies."

-- Richard Lauer, Manager, Kittanning Suburban Joint Water Authority

"I joined the Partnership because I thought it would show me if there's anything I can do better. I'm the only operator at the treatment plant, so the information in the [Partnership] manual is one way to get extra help."

-- Craig Slack, Operator, Hooversville Municipal Authority

"If there is anything available that could help us improve water quality, we're willing to work with DEP. The Partnership gives us a chance to see any steps in our processes where we can improve."

-- Tom Kunko, Assistant Superintendent, Portage Water Authority

"I saw a Partnership flyer at a nearby water system and thought it would be a good tool to monitor my filter plant. It's a good way to keep up on things and learn the latest information on water treatment."

-- Gino Bruni, former Chief Plant Operator, Shenandoah Borough Municipal Authority

"It was good to share goals and information through the Partnership program. It was also exciting to be on the forefront of the lower turbidity goals and remain ahead of new regulations. I think all our operators were interested in the Partnership, and we still have a sense of accomplishment. Simply put, it's a good idea."

-- Larry Harfman, Operations Crew Chief, Philadelphia Water Department

"The Partnership for Safe Water program has provided a mechanism for all operations personnel to gain efficiencies and cost reductions in the operation of our water treatment plants, which has reduced the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks to the consuming public. Our plant personnel have taken great pride in achieving the [Phase III] Director's Award, and continue to strive toward further improvements in their plants throughout the day-to-day operations."

-- Paul Zielinski, Director - Water Quality, Pennsylvania-American Water Company

"The reason why we joined the Partnership is to dispel the rumor that a small system can't advance from a technology standpoint. The cost associated with the program is affordable for small systems."

-- Bob Capotosto, Authority Chairman, Gallitzin Water Authority

"The reason we joined the Partnership for Safe Water was to provide a better quality of water for our customers. I've never seen an evaluation that provided a yearly graph of our turbidity values. Also, with the Partnership equipment, I have been able to control my coagulant much better."

-- David Raedler, Water Plant Supervisor, East Greenville Borough Water Department

"We initially got involved when AWWA's Partnership representative visited our plant. We felt we were already doing a good job and wanted to show our customers that our water quality is at a high standard. The software is simple to use and easy to provide to AWWA. We are happy with the Partnership program and want to continue to optimize even more."

-- Gordon Cruickshanks, Operations, Waynesboro Borough Authority