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Operator Change of Address Form

Submit changes to your personal contact information directly to DEP's Operator Certification Program by completing the Operator Change of Address Form or you may contact Operator Certification staff at 717-787-5236 or

* Note - Email address is a required field. After submitting the form, you will receive an automated email notification, confirming the receipt of your information.  If you do not receive a notification, please configure your email program's settings to allow messages from

It is VERY IMPORTANT that your address and phone number are current with Operator Certification to receive your renewal application, license and updated information.

Once you become a certified operator, your name, address, phone number, type license etc. becomes a public record and may be distributed to Approved Training Providers to advertise their training courses, or to a facility looking for operators in their area for potential employment opportunities. Operator lists are only distributed when a training provider or facility requests these lists.

If you do not want your home address and phone number shared in the above situations, please contact the DEP's Operator Certification Staff to change your home address to a work address or a P.O. Box number.  You may change your contact number to a work number or cell number.