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Operator Involvement

Optimization Training Opportunities

Optimizing Filter Performance (approved for 6.5 continuing education hours)

Conducting routine preventive maintenance and practicing best operational procedures is the best way to assure long-term reliability of your filters. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Section AWWA and Penn State Harrisburg, developed training that focuses on preventative maintenance procedures and operational practices, which will help assure optimum filter performance. From 2002 through 2010, approximately 400 operators attended these workshops and discussed best practices recognized by the Partnership for Safe Water Program for optimizing filter performance.

Currently there are no training events scheduled at this time.

*View (PPT) a brief slide show of the workshop activities

FPPE Involvement

Operators play a key role in protecting the customers they serve and are responsible for operating and maintaining complex treatment equipment, interpreting water quality information, and troubleshooting problems. During Filter Plant Performance Evaluations (FPPE), department staff work with operators to identify ways to improve overall treatment plant performance. Therefore, operator participation and information sharing is critical to a successful FPPE. The following information will assist water treatment plant operators in understanding the evaluation tools and techniques used by FPPE staff. The department encourages operators to review the following information and actively participate in their FPPE. The presentations below are all in Microsoft PowerPoint format. 

To prepare filter plant operators for an FPPE, DEP staff mail a letter ahead of time. Click on document link below to read an example letter, which outlines the activities during an FPPE.

Example Letter (PDF)