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Radioactive Materials Licensing Program

Users of all byproduct, source and specific nuclear material are required to obtain a license from the department prior to obtaining those radioactive materials. This material is used in hospitals, colleges and industries for medical, research and industrial purposes. The department issues specific, general and reciprocity licenses for the use of radioactive material. The objective of the licensing program is to ensure radioactive material is used safely, disposed of properly and facilities are free from contamination when licensed operations are terminated. Licensees pay fees based on the type of radioactive material being used; thus, the licensing and inspection programs are self-supporting.

In order to more efficiently, uniformly and safely control radioactive material, Pennsylvania has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to expand its authority over the licensing and regulation of byproduct, source and special nuclear material. As a result of the merger of NRC licenses with naturally-occurring/accelerator-produced radioactive materials (NARM) licenses, the number of radioactive material programs the department licenses and inspects has increased. As required by Act 1984-147, licensing fees have been established to provide full financial support for these additional inspection and licensing activities.

The Bureau of Radiation Protection suggests all licensees utilize the checklist located in the relevant volume of NUREG-1556 (Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses).

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) Nuclear Material Events Database (NMED) contains records of events involving nuclear material reported to the NRC by NRC licensees, Agreement States, and non-licensees. To view these events click here.

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