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Transporting Radioactive Solid Waste

The DOT-SP 10656 special permit replaces the DOT-E 10656 exemption for Scrap Metal transports. This special permit authorizes the one-way transportation in commerce by highway or rail of shipments of scrap metal and related metal recycle materials which have been found, during or at the conclusion of transportation or during inspection of the shipment following its receipt, to contain unexpected and unidentified radioactive material or contamination. The one-way transportation authorized by this special permit is exempted from the classification, packaging, and hazard communication requirements normally required for transportation of radioactive material.

The purpose of the transportation authorized by this special permit is to allow these materials to be moved to a location deemed by the authorizing state official to be more appropriate for proper characterization and/or disposition of the discovered radioactivity. This special permit provides no relief from the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) other than as specifically stated.

The DOT-SP 11406 special permit allows for the one-way shipment of wastes determined to contain radioactive material or contamination. Strict rules and guidelines apply to the use of this DOT special permit. Commonly referred to as a "DOT Exemption," this form serves several purposes:

  • Defines covered shippers and carriers.
  • Explains purposes and limitations of special permit, i.e., one-way transportation of unexpected and unidentified radioactive material or contamination.
  • Lists hazardous materials classes covered by the special permit.
  • Lists safety control measures to be taken with this special permit.
  • Explains reporting requirements and contact information.
  • Includes DOT-SP 10406 Shipment Approval Form to be completed and filed.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Transportation related documents: The department has implemented an alternative process of approval for transferring municipal household waste that is contaminated with short-lived medical isotopes. This alternative method may increase the efficiency with which solid waste facilities transfer these materials, while maintaining the same level of public protection. The approval form and the instructions are separate documents that can be accessed below.

DEP/BRP Exempt Material Transportation Approval for Household Municipal Waste