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Member List

Low-Level Waste Advisory Committee Liaison: Rich Janati

Updated as of October 5, 2020

William Ponticello P.G. (Chair)
Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists

Jo Ellen Litz
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

Jesse Sloane
Alternate: Harry Garman
Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers

Charlotte A. Glauser
Alternate: Carol Rubley
Pennsylvania Chapter League of Women Voters

Edward Black
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners

Marc Pawlowski
Alternate: Siobhan O'Dwyer
Exelon Corporation

Sierra Club - Pennsylvania Chapter

Steven H. King, MA, CHP, CMPH
Alternate: Brian Lorah, CPH
Pennsylvania Medical Society

Cathleen Woomert
Pennsylvania Medical Society

Ernest Hanna
Alternate: Robert Smith, LRS
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

Michael Sheetz
University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

James Wheeler
Alternate: Holly Fishel
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors

Yaunqing Guo, Ph.D., CHP
Pennsylvania State University

Keith Salador
Department of Environmental Protection
Citizens Advisory Committee


Member: The Honorable Gene Yaw
Designee: Nick Troutman

Member: The Honorable Steve Santarsiero
Designee: Tim Collins

Member: The Honorable William Kortz
Designee: Paul Scott

Member: The Honorable Daryl Metcalfe
Designee: Glendon King

Roster of Low-Level Waste Advisory Committee Members (PDF)