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Member List

Low-Level Waste Advisory Committee Liaison: Rich Janati

Updated as of April 24, 2023

William Ponticello P.G. (Chair)
Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists

Jo Ellen Litz
Alternate: Ashley White
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

Jesse Sloane
Alternate: Harry Garman
Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers

James Barnhart
Alternate: Carol Rubley
Pennsylvania Chapter League of Women Voters

Edward Black
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners

Marc Pawlowski
Alternate: Siobhan O'Dwyer
Constellation Energy

Justina Wasicek
Sierra Club - Pennsylvania Chapter

Steven H. King, MA, CHP, CMPH
Alternate: Brian Lorah, CPH
Penn State College of Medicine

Ernest Hanna
Alternate: Robert Smith, LRS
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

Lara Paciello, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

James Wheeler
Alternate: Holly Fishel
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors

Craig Benson
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Aaron Wilmot, MSc, CHP, PE
Pennsylvania State University

Ian Irvin
Department of Environmental Protection
Citizens Advisory Committee

Roster of Low-Level Waste Advisory Committee Members (PDF)