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Important Municipal and Residual Waste Definitions §287.1

  • Wastes - Materials that are not waste when recycled include materials when they can be shown to be recycled by being:
    • (A) Used or reused as ingredients in an industrial process to make a product or employed in a particular function or application as an effective substitute for a commercial product, provided the materials are not being reclaimed. This includes materials from the slaughter and preparation of animals that are used as raw materials in the production or manufacture of products. Steel slag is not waste if used onsite as a waste processing liming agent in acid neutralization or onsite in place of aggregate. Sizing, shaping or sorting of the material will not be considered processing for the purpose of this subclause of the definition.
    • (B) Coproducts. (A material generated by a manufacturing or production process, or a spent material, of a physical character and chemical composition that is consistently equivalent to the physical character and chemical composition of an intentionally manufactured product or produced raw material, if the use of the material presents no greater threat of harm to human health and the environment than the use of the product or raw material.)
    • (C) Returned to the original process from which they are generated, without first being reclaimed or land disposed. The material shall be returned as a substitute for feedstock materials. When the original process to which the material is returned is a secondary process, the materials shall be managed so that there is no placement on the land and the secondary process takes place onsite.
  • Beneficial Use - Use or reuse of residual waste or residual material derived from residual waste for commercial, industrial or governmental purposes, where the use does not harm or threaten public health, safety, welfare or the environment, or the use or reuse of processed municipal waste for any purpose, where the use does not harm or threaten public health, safety, welfare or the environment.
  • The following materials are wastes, even if the recycling involves use, reuse or return to the original process (as described as follows):
    • (A) Except for coproducts, materials used in a manner constituting disposal, or used to produce products that are applied to the land.
    • (B) Except for coproducts, materials burned for energy recovery, used to produce fuel or contained in fuel.
    • (C) Materials accumulated speculatively.
  • Reclaimed - A material is ‘‘reclaimed’’ if it is processed to recover a useable product, or if it is regenerated.