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Residual Waste Biennial Report

In January 2023, DEP will be mailing out information regarding the 2022 Residual Waste Biennial Report to sites that submitted a 2020 Residual Waste Biennial Report indicating they generated more than 13 tons of residual waste in 2020. A Pennsylvania residual waste generator that generated more than 13 tons of residual waste in 2022 is required to submit this report. The 2022 Residual Waste Biennial Report is due by March 1, 2023.

It is highly encouraged for residual waste generators to submit the 2022 biennial report electronically. Electronic submissions are done via Greenport, an official PA government website. Since Greenport is powered by Keystone Login, you need to have a PA Keystone Login account to use Greenport. Greenport allows generators to start, save and submit the 2022 biennial report electronically. Generators submitting their reports electronically are not required to submit a paper report. In general, Greenport users will fall into one of three categories:

  • Existing Greenport Users that have already registered for a new PA Keystone Login account after 3/20/21 and already imported their old Greenport account

    You are ready to use Greenport. If you have not previously submitted an RFC online authorization form or you need biennial reporting facilities added to your account, please submit a new RFC Online Authorization form (see link below).

  • Existing Greenport users prior to 3/20/21 that have not yet registered for a PA Keystone Login account

    You need to register for Keystone Login by going through the registration process. Please visit the Greenport website link below, click Register and complete the registration process. After registration, follow the import instructions on pages 11-15 of the Greenport user guide to import your old Greenport account (link below).

    If you forgot your old Greenport login information and you can’t recover it, or if you failed to import your old Greenport account for any reason, please submit a new RFC online authorization form

  • Brand new users to Greenport

    Please visit the Greenport link below and click Register to create a new Greenport/Keystone account. For detailed instructions, please see pages 4-10 of the Greenport user guide linked below.

    After creating your new Greenport/Keystone account, please complete and submit an RFC online authorization form (see link below) to add your biennial reporting facilities to your Greenport account.

Greenport registration and login can be done here

You can download the Greenport user guide for instructions here

You can find the RFC online authorization form and instructions in PA DEP’s eLibrary at the following link - RFC Online Authorization Form (2500-FM-BWM0618)

If you have any questions or problems when using Greenport, please call 717-787-HELP (717.787.4357).

If you have questions regarding the completion of your 2022 report, you may contact Patrick Sosik at 717-787-7676 or by email at You may also contact your regional DEP residual waste coordinator.

The Annual Chemical Analysis of Residual Waste (26R) forms should not be submitted with the residual waste biennial report. The 26R forms should be submitted to the regional DEP Office where the facility is located.

Generator's 2022 Residual Waste Biennial Report Forms

Residual Waste Biennial Report Data

Pennsylvania’s Residual Waste Biennial Reporting data from 2012 and later is available in the form of a Power BI report. The data collected by DEP includes information mostly pertaining to generating facility, waste type, disposal facility information and waste quantity. The data can be filtered and viewed based on the year, generating or disposal facility, waste type and more.

PA’s Residual Waste Biennial Report data can be viewed here

DEP expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions related to the data and any representation or warranty that might be otherwise implied is expressly disclaimed. For questions or problems with the report, contact:

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Management
Division of Reporting and Fee Collection

Source Reduction Recycling Opportunities