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Host Municipality Programs

Municipalities that host municipal waste landfills, resource recovery (waste to energy) facilities and commercial hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities are eligible for reimbursement of approved costs for employment of certified host municipality inspectors and may be eligible for reimbursement of costs for independent review of a permit application.

Statutes, Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents

Exclusionary Siting Criteria for Hazardous Waste Facilities (PDF) 251-2000-704


Facility Information

Host Municipality Inspector Information

  • Host Municipality Inspector Program (PDF) 2540-FS-DEP2143 Under revision
  • Sample Job Description for a host municipality inspector of a municipal waste facility.
  • Sample inspection checklist (Word) and instructions (Word) for inspectors of municipal waste landfills.
  • Sample inspection checklist (Word) and instructions (Word) for inspectors of resource recovery facilities.

Host Municipality Inspector Training Information

  • The Host Municipality Inspector certification training program has been updated to include precertification materials that must be completed prior to the training. Please contact Allen Bardar or call 717-787-2553 to obtain copies of the materials.

Other Resources

  • eFACTS - Environmental Facility, Application, Compliance Tracking System provides information regarding permits, inspections and compliance.
  • eNOTICE will send e-mails as new permit applications are submitted to DEP in your township, borough, city or county and then track those permits through the permit review process.