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Hazardous Site Response Actions List

The list of hazardous sites response actions is available as:

This report represents hazardous sites response actions that have been taken since the enactment of the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act (HSCA) on October 18, 1988. The information in this list is derived from DEP's Environment, Facility, Application and Compliance Tracking System (eFACTS). The purpose of providing this report is not to identify problem areas, rather to identify the status of all response actions that have been taken utilizing HSCA funding.

For information pertaining to a specific response action, please contact the Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields Program in the appropriate DEP regional office. The following sections provide an explanation of the information contained in the listing and directions for downloading.

Listing Information

The following key provides an explanation of the fields contained in the response actions listing.

REGION - The DEP region where the hazardous sites facility is located. The codes are as follows:

SE - 1 Southeast region (Norristown)
NE - 2 Northeast region (Wilkes-Barre)
SC - 3 Southcentral region (Harrisburg)
NC - 4 Northcentral region (Williamsport)
SW - 5 Southwest region (Pittsburgh)
NW - 6 Northwest region (Meadville)

COUNTY - The name of the primary Pennsylvania county in which the hazardous sites facility is located.

FACILITY NAME - The name of the hazardous sites facility.

MUNICIPALITY - The name of the primary municipality in which the hazardous sites facility is located.

RJD (RESPONSE JUSTIFICATION DATE) - The date DEP deemed that HSCA response action was appropriate. Some sites do not have RJDs.

RESPONSE ACTION NAME - Self-explanatory. In some cases, this description is the same as the facility name. In other cases, different or no additional information is provided about the response action.

RESPONSE ACTION CODE - The type of response action taken. The codes are as follows:

HSFI - HSCA Further Investigation
HSIR - HSCA Interim Response
HSIRP - HSCA Interim Response - Prompt
HSO&M - HSCA Operation & Maintenance
HSRD+ - HSCA Remedial Design
HSRR - HSCA Remedial Response

START DATE - The date the response action was initiated. Where the date is unknown, the default date is 1/1/1901.

FINISH DATE - The date the response action was completed.

Disclaimer for Data

The commonwealth and the Author/Originatory of this Data, DEP, make no representations or warranties regarding the suitability or sufficiency or accuracy of the data, or any derivatives thereof for any purpose. User understands that said data was created for purposes of carrying out specific commonwealth delegated functions, and that any and all liability arising from user's use of or reliance upon said Data rests solely with User. User holds commonwealth and DEP harmless against any claims arising out of its use.