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Technical Advisory Committee on Diesel Powered Equipment

The Technical Advisory Committee on Diesel-Powered Equipment is authorized under Pennsylvania’s Bituminous Coal Mine Safety Act to advise the Department of Environmental Protection regarding implementation of diesel-powered equipment; evaluate alternative technology or methods for meeting the requirements for diesel-powered equipment; provide technical assistance to operators regarding diesel equipment technologies; conduct investigations relating to implementation of diesel-powered equipment; and provide training regarding diesel equipment emission controls and emission testing.

The committee has two members and both are appointed by the governor for a three-year term. One member is appointed to represent the viewpoint of coal operators (Pennsylvania Coal Association) and one member to represent the viewpoint of working miners (United Mine Workers of America).

Current Membership 
Ron BowersoxUnited Mine Workers of America
Todd P. HometPennsylvania Coal Alliance Appointment

Bylaws (PDF)

Typographical Error in Section 419(A) (PDF)