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Board of Coal Mine Safety

The Board of Coal Mine Safety is authorized under Pennsylvania's Bituminous Coal Mine Safety Act to develop proposed amendments to the provisional mandatory safety standards; update additional regulations with respect to mine safety if the board determines that existing federal and state regulations do not adequately address a specific hazard; and implement other regulations as specifically authorized under the act.

The seven-member board consists of three representatives, each of the United Mine Workers of America and coal mining companies operating in Pennsylvania's bituminous coal fields, and is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

Section 106 - Board of Coal Mine Safety (PDF)

Current Membership
Jessica Shirley Acting Secretary, DEP, Chair of the Board of Coal Mine Safety
John J. StefankoDesignated Alternate for Secretary
Ronald J. BowersoxUnited Mine Workers of America
Frank J. ReidelbachUnited Mine Workers of America
Roger BerringerUnited Mine Workers of America
Robert C. BodenschatzPennsylvania Coal Alliance
Todd Moore Pennsylvania Coal Alliance
Joseph ZelankoPennsylvania Coal Alliance