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What is an SSA?

The Surface Subsidence Agent monitors and documents conditions in areas impacted by longwall mining prior to, during, and after mining has occurred. If you are going to be undermined, you can expect a visit from a Surface Subsidence Agent at your home. He will explain your rights and responsibilities provided in The Bituminous Mine Subsidence and Land Conservation Act, commonly known as Act 54, and the regulations enacted pursuant to the act.

Some specific examples of the duties of a Surface Subsidence Agent are listed below:
  • To provide property owners with information about the department's mining regulatory programs and to assist them with inquiries and concerns.
  • To facilitate discussions and serve as a mediator between landowners and mine operators with the goal of resolving issues at the earliest possible stage.
  • To assist with settlement of claims filed under the Bituminous Mine Subsidence and Land Conservation Act.
  • To monitor the impacts of longwall mining on surface lands, streams, structures, and water supplies before, during, and upon completion of mining.
  • To assist professionals and technical staff with formal investigations of claims of subsidence damage to homes and water supplies.
We encourage you to contact your Surface Subsidence Agent if you have any questions or concerns about longwall mining in your area.