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AML Related Technical Papers

Staff members from the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation prepare and present technical papers focusing on AML related topics or completed reclamation projects. Papers are listed by title and date prepared.

Deep-Till/Tree Seeding for Forest Restoration/Wildlife Habitat on AML Projects in Northeast PA, September 2015

Mine Reclamation and Monarch Butterfly Habitat, September 2015

Assessment of Fluvial Geomorphology Projects at Abandoned Mine Sites in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, May 2014

An Analysis of Pennsylvania's Accelerated Response Program – Pennsylvania's Alternative to the Federal Office of Surface Mining's (OSM) Emergency Program, September 2013

Operational Studies of Hydrogen Peroxide versus Hydrated Lime and Hydrogen Peroxide versus Sodium Hydroxide at Selected Pennsylvania Mine Drainage Treatment Sites, September 2013

Assessment of Fluvial Geomorphology Projects at Abandoned Mine Sites in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, September 2013

City of Pittston Mine Subsidence Study, September 2012

The Dents Run AML/AMD Ecosystem Restoration Project, September 2012

Minepool Geothermal in Pennsylvania, August 2012

An Analysis of the Use of Mine Water from Abandoned Mines for the Development of Marcellus Shale Gas Wells in Pennsylvania, October 2011

The Conowingo Tunnel and the Anthracite Mine Flood-Control Project – A Historical Perspective on a "Solution" to the Anthracite Mine Drainage Problem, August 2011

Cooks Run Watershed Restoration Efforts, East Keating Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, September 2010

Technology, Resources for Reclamation, September 2010

Restoring the Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning Creek, Clearfield and Elk Counties, Pennsylvania, June 2010

Management and Control of Abandoned Mine Pool Discharges – Pennsylvania Case Study Workshop, October 2007

The Monongahela South No. 1 Dangerous Highwall Reclamation Project, City of Monongahela, Pennsylvania, September 2006

The Sugar Creek Coal Refuse Pile and Mine Drainage Discharge Reclamation Project, September 2004

The Tanoma Passive Mine Drainage Treatment Project, September 2002

Application of Fluvial Geomorphologic Techniques at Abandoned Mine Sites. August 2001

Evaluation of Hydrophytic Plant Species in Constructed Wetlands on Reclaimed AML Sites in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, August 1999