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Fate & Transport Analysis Tools

Fate and Transport Analysis Tools Referenced in Section IV, Page IV-11 (Note: These spreadsheets require that the analysis tool pack is activated. On Excel menu bar click Tools, Add-Ins, Analysis Tool Pack.)

  • Quick_Domenico (Excel) (78 KB) This spreadsheet calculates the concentration of contamination anywhere in a plume at any time after the source becomes active. After opening this spreadsheet, which is located in the eLibrary, go to Tools on the top of the page. Under Tools, drop down to Add-Ins and in the pop-up screen for Add-Ins mark the block Analysis ToolPak with a check and click OK.
  • SWLOAD5B (Excel) (287KB) This spreadsheet can be used to estimate the average groundwater concentration, plume flow, and mass loading of a contaminant to surface water from diffuse groundwater discharges for determining surface water compliance of Act 2 and tank remediations using PENTOXSD.
  • PENTOXSD for Windows (Version 2.0d - Standalone) (ZIP) Available in a zip file. To access, click on link above. Begin by opening the 'READ_ME.doc' file first for system requirements.
  • Buffer1 (Excel) (1,382 KB) This spreadsheet can be used to estimate the potential contaminant concentration entering groundwater resulting from migration of a contaminant in vadose soil of a given thickness and with a given contaminant concentration.
  • Buscheck_Alcantar (Excel) (35 KB) This spreadsheet calculates a lambda value for the centerline of a plume with a continuous source at steady-state conditions. Help document coming soon.