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Energy Opportunities

We have categorized the main energy saving opportunities into eight broad categories to help guide our businesses, municipalities, schools and institutions.

Air Compressors
Learn how new or more energy efficient compressors can provide many opportunities for savings.

Building Envelope
Often overlooked, improving the efficiency of a building envelope can have large impact on your energy usage.

The controls your energy using systems and technology may already have or adding new controls can be a huge opportunity to eliminate the human error costs associated with energy.

Replacing old fans, pumps and motors with newer and more efficient models will reduce operating costs and show a high return on investment.

Food Storage and Processing
Specialized food harvesting, processing, storing and marketing equipment and methods have their own specialized ways to offer reduced operating costs through energy efficient equipment and practices.

If you heat or cool your space, learn how you can reduce your costs and improve user comfort.

Lighting is a universal energy savings opportunity, learn how you can save.

Save energy with your own fleet or help your employees save energy with these tips.