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​​​​Advisory groups

Welcome to the Bureau of Air Quality's Advisory Committee Center. Advisory committees assist the Bureau with working towards a consensus on a broad range of clean air issues. Depending on the advisory group, citizens, industry and government can all be represented. The following committees are concerned with assisting small businesses navigate the world of regulation, helping the Department draft new regulations and addressing the state's approach to Climate Change. In each case, a staff member of the Bureau serves as a liaison, not to direct their activities, but coordinate meetings and prepare materials.

Small Business Compliance Advisory Committee

Committee Website

  • The Small Business Compliance Advisory Committee is established under Section 7.8 of the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act (APCA).
  • The committee comments on Department policies, guidelines, and regulations that may impact small businesses in Pennsylvania. The Clean Air Act Amendments and the APCA define a small business source as a source that employs 100 or fewer individuals, and is not a major air contamination source.
  • The committee consists of 11 members, including four members appointed by the Governor, and members appointed by each of the majority and minority leaders of the state Senate and House of Representatives. Additional members include the Secretary of DEP or his designee, the Small Business Ombudsman or his designee, and the Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development or his designee. Appointed members serve a term of 4 years.
  • Legislative appointees must be small business owners, or representatives of small business owners, per Section 7.8 of the APCA.
  • Liaison (Susan Foster, email:, phone: (717)787-7019)

Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee

Committee Website

  • AQTAC serves as the air advisory committee mandated under the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act (Act) Section 7.6(b) to provide technical advice to the Department.
  • The Act states that AQTAC be comprised of at least 11 members with technical backgrounds in air quality appointed by the DEP Secretary. Currently, there are 19 members. Members are representatives from industry, the two local air pollution control agencies in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties, and environmental and health organizations.
  • AQTAC reviews draft regulations and technical guidance. They are briefed on national issues including ambient air quality standards and interactions with EPA.
  • The committee has traditionally been helpful to DEP in improving clarity of draft regulations and guidance documents. Questions and suggestions offered by the AQTAC inform decisions considering the balance between impact on industry and the air quality benefit of emission reductions.
  • The AQTAC meetings also provide a robust forum for public participation in the regulatory process.
  • Liaison (Joseph Martini, email:, phone: (717) 772-5619)