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Phone Directory

General Information
Main Switchboard 412 442-4000
File Reviews 412 442-4284
Fax Main 412 442-4194
Director's Office 412 442-4192
Director Ron Schwartz
Assistant Regional Director Vacant
Environmental Justice Regional Coordinator Nora Alwine
Emergency Response Program Manager Don Bialosky
Regional Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance Manager Vacant
Community Relations Coordinator Lauren Fraley
Local Government Liaison Brian Schimmel
Service Representative Kurt Smith
Information Technology Generalist Chuck Hines
Air Quality 412 442-5215
Environmental Program Manager Mark Gorog
Environmental Engineer Manager (Permits) Vacant
Environmental Engineer Manager (Permits) Tom Joseph
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) Tim Kuntz
District Supervisor (New Stanton) Tom Norris
District Supervisor (Pittsburgh) Elizabeth Speicher
Chief Counsel 412 442-4262
Regional Counsel John Herman
Assistant Regional Counsel Mike Heilman
Assistant Regional Counsel Ed Stokan
Assistant Regional Counsel Bruce Herschlag
Assistant Counsel Barbara Grabowski
Assistant Counsel Gail Guenther
Assistant Counsel Matt Kessler
Assistant Counsel Marianne Mulroy
Assistant Counsel Charney Regenstein
Assistant Counsel Melanie Seigel
Assistant Counsel Forrest Smith
Assistant Counsel Mary Martha Truschel
Assistant Counsel Katherine Knickelbein
Assistant Counsel Rick Watling
Investigator Bruce Gearhart
Legal Assistant Supervisor Cassandra Fritch
Legal Assistant 2 Jill Geisler
Legal Assistant 1 Josh Tabor
Environmental Cleanup and Brownfield Development 412 442-4091
Environmental Program Manager Kevin Halloran
Environmental Group Manager (HSCA)
Paul Vogel
Environmental Group Manager (Tanks) Abbey Owoc
Solid Waste Supervisor (Special Projects) Jeff Dewey
Water Quality Specialist Supervisor (Tanks) Evan Elliot
Management Services 412 442-4097
Regional Business Manager Judi Danser
Human Resources Deb Adams
Clerical Supervisor Lee Kaminski
Administrative Officer Deb Adams
Oil & Gas 412 442-4281
Environmental Program Manager Daniel Counahan
Professional Geologist Manager, (Permits) Tom Donohue
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) Kareen Milcic
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) David McDermott
Environmental Group Manager (Permits) Edward Orris
Oil & Gas Inspector Supervisor (New Stanton) Vacant
Oil & Gas Inspector Supervisor (California) Scott Sabocheck
Water Quality Supervisor (California) John Carson
Water Quality Supervisor (Ebensburg) April Weiland
Radiation Protection 412 442-4088
Radiation Protection Program Manager Dwight Shearer
Radiation Protection Program Supervisor Roy Huhn
Radiation Protection Program Supervisor Barbara Bookser
Waste Management 412 442-4125
Environmental Program Manager Scott Swarm
Environmental Engineer Manager (Permits) Diane McDaniel
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) Vacant
Solid Waste Supervisor Sharon Svitek
Solid Waste Supervisor (New Stanton) Mick Planinsek
Solid Waste Supervisor (Pittsburgh) Matthew Cwiklik
Clean Water 412 442-4032
Environmental Program Manager Chris Kriley
Environmental Engineer Manager (Permits) Mike Fifth
Environmental Engineer Manager (Permits) Don Leone
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) Stacey Greenwald
Sewage Planning Supervisor Tom Flanagan
Water Quality Specialist Supervisor David Roote
Water Quality Specialist Supervisor VACANT
Water Pollution Biologist Supervisor Rick Spear
Clerical Supervisor Alison Vatter
Safe Drinking Water 412 442-4217
Environmental Program Manager Alan Eichler
Environmental Engineer Manager (Permits) Tim McClelland
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) Renee Diehl
Sanitarian Supervisor (New Stanton & Ebensburg) Ed Galovich
Sanitarian Supervisor (New Stanton, California & Beaver Falls) John Thomas
Waterways and Wetlands 412 442-4315
Environmental Program Manager Dana Drake
Civil Engineer Manager, Hydraulic (Permits) Greg Holesh
Environmental Group Manager (Operations) Vacant
Water Pollution Biologist Supervisor Joe Snyder
District Office Information
Beaver Falls 724 847-5271
724 847-5272 (Fax)
California 724 769-1100
724 769-1102 (Fax)
Ebensburg 814 472-1900
814 472-1898 (Fax)
New Stanton 724 925-5500 or 724 925-5400
724 925-5557 (Fax)