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Phone Directory

General Information
Main Switchboard570 826-2511
File Reviews570 826-5472
Fax Main570 830-3054
Director's Office 570 826-2511
DirectorJoseph J. Buczynski, P.E.
Assistant DirectorDean Ritter
Director of Environmental JusticeJuan Serrat
Emergency Response Program ManagerJonathan Ulanoski
Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy AssistanceVacant
Regional Communications ManagerColleen Connolly
Local Government LiaisonRob Sax
Service RepresentativeMaribeth Aileo
Air Quality 570 826-2511
Environmental Program ManagerMark Wejkszner, P.E.
Engineering Group Manager, New Source Review SectionRaymond Kempa, P.E.
Engineering Group Manager, Facilities SectionNorman Frederick, P.E.
Environmental Group Manager, Operations SectionAndrew Schweitzer
Chief Counsel 570 826-2519
Chief CounselLance Zeyher
Environmental Cleanup and Brownsfield Redevelopment 570 826-2511
Environmental Program ManagerEric Supey
Hazardous Sites CleanupRobert Lewis
Storage TanksTom Coar
Special ProjectsTom Thompson
Land RecyclingSherry Carlo
Management Services 570 826-2511
Regional Business ManagerNancy Nork
Director of Human ResourcesChristine Appnel
Administrative ServicesDawn Panek
Waste Management 570 826-2511
Environmental Program ManagerRoger Bellas
Compliance & Monitoring ChiefDean Ritter
Facilities ManagerDave Matcho
Recycling CoordinatorBerit Case
Clean Water 570 826-2511
Environmental Program ManagerB.R. Patel, P.E.
Permits ChiefAmy Bellanca, P.E.
Planning ChiefVacant
Operation ChiefPatrick Musinski
Safe Drinking Water 570 826-2511
Environmental Program ManagerBrian Yagiello
Technical Services ChiefBrian Busher, P.E.
Operations ChiefTodd Ostir
Waterways and Wetlands 570 826-2511
Environmental Program ManagerPamela Kania, P.E.
Permitting and Technical Services ChiefVacant
Dam Safety and Technical Services Section ChiefKevin White, P.E.
Conservation, Restoration and Inspection Section ChiefCarl DeLuca