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Benner Township HSCA Investigation

DEP’s Bureau of Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields is investigating a groundwater plume located in Benner Township, Centre County, in accordance with the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act (HSCA). Periodic updates about this investigation will be posted on this page.

The current Benner Township investigation began in 2020 in response to sampling data from public water supply wells collected by DEP’s Safe Drinking Water Program in 2019. This sampling was conducted in accordance with Pennsylvania’s PFAS Action Team’s Actions and Recommendations included in their 2019 Initial Report. This data indicated that groundwater in the vicinity of High Tech Road is contaminated with per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) compounds.

The goals of the current HSCA investigation are to delineate the extent of contamination in order to identify any exposure pathways to residents or the environment in the area, to locate potential sources, and to determine possible mitigation or remediation measures.

For more information on PFAS compounds, please see the web links below. For more information about the HSCA program, visit DEP’s HSCA Annual Report Story Map and the HSCA home page.

Please direct questions pertaining to the Benner Township PFAS HSCA investigation to the DEP Northcentral Region HSCA Manager at 570.327.3418 or or Community Relations Coordinator at 570.327.3659 or

Benner Township HSCA Investigation Information:


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Benner Twp PFAS Investigation Soil Boring Samples Map (March 2023) (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation Area Map (May 2023) (PDF)

Benner Township Waterline Feasibility Study (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation – Proposed Soil Sampling Locations 2023 (Overview) (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation – Proposed Soil Sampling Locations 2023 (Zoomed) (PDF)

Benner Twp. PFAS Investigation FAQs (Jan. 2023) (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation FAQs (Oct. 2022) (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation Area Map (March 2023) (PDF)

Benner Twp Surface Soil Sample Results Tabulated (Sampled Aug. 2022) (PDF)

DEP Surface Soil Samping Report 8.18-19.22 (PDF)

DEP Surface Soil Sampling Report 8.22.22 (PDF)

Benner Township PFAS HSCA Site (PowerPoint)

Administrative Record (PDF)

Benner Twp. Work Plan and Cost Estimate, Change Order #8 – Surface Soil Sampling (PDF)

Benner Township HSCA Investigation Fact Sheet (Updated 5/31/2022) (PDF)

Benner Township HSCA Investigation Fact Sheet (Updated 2/18/2022) (PDF)

Benner Township Meeting Presentation November 1, 2021 (PDF)

Contractor Change Order September 2, 2021 (PDF)

Due Diligence Summary Report June 2021 (PDF)

DEP Letter to Benner Township Supervisors July 2, 2020 (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation shallow interval soil sample map – August 2022 (PDF)

Benner Twp PFAS Investigation – June 28, 2022 Public Hearing transcript (PDF)

DEP Information on PFAS:

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