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Enhanced Technical Assistance

The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is offering an Enhanced Technical Assistance Evaluation (ETAE) with the goal of assisting operators and permittees in reducing nutrients in their plant discharges while maintaining and/or surpassing the requirements of effluent limits established in NPDES permits.

DEP representatives will assist a facility utilizing in-line process monitoring equipment and various bench top laboratory equipment.

  1. The equipment is capable of monitoring the waste treatment process for ammonia, nitrates, DO, pH, MLSS, ORP, and clarifier solids blanket levels.
  2. Equipment provides operators with instantaneous visual monitoring of the waste treatment process allowing them to monitor process modifications first hand and document positive or negative impacts.
  3. DEP representatives managing the program and operating the equipment are fully trained and maintain current PA Wastewater Operator Certification Licensing.
  4. Projects occurring to date include working with facilities to accomplish nitrate reduction, nitrification optimization, microscopic evaluation of biomass, and solids management.
  5. DEP representatives will work with operators to review process control testing and learn the value of using data trending to control and possibly predict plant operations.
  6. The in-line process monitoring equipment continuously monitors the treatment process and DEP representatives have the capability of providing graphical outputs to readily identify trends and optimum set points.

There is no cost for providing ETAE's. However, in order to improve the system's operations, some expenditures may result from implantation of program recommendations.

A request for assistance can be made through your regional DEP office or by contacting the program directly at the following address and phone numbers:

Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Clean Water
Division of Operations
RCSOB, P.O.Box 8774
Harrisburg, PA 17105
(717) 787-6744

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