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Coal and Clay Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund Board 

The Coal and Clay Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund (fund), Board (board) and Program (program) were established by the act of August 23, 1961, P.L. 1068 (act). The fund is mandated to provide a reliable source of compensation for insured losses caused by the collapse of underground coal and clay mines. The board is mandated to administer the fund. As agents for the board, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is mandated to administer the program. The board consists of the Secretary of DEP as chair, and the Pennsylvania State Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner as members. Although, for simplicity, the board’s web site is organized within DEP’s advisory boards, it is not an advisory board but is a working board with broad powers to administer the fund. By law, the board has the authority to establish provisions of the insurance policy, establish premium rates and promulgate rules and regulations that are in keeping with the act. They have the financial authority to establish monetary reserves needed to assure the solvency of the fund. They have further financial authority to direct the payment of damage claims and to reimburse DEP for the administrative costs of the program. Among its duties as agents for the board, DEP processes insurance policy applications, creates insurance policies, collects and accounts for policy premiums and the settles damage claims.

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