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Motor Oil

Over time, dirt and other particles contaminate the motor oil in our vehicles, lawnmowers, and other machinery. The proper handling of used oil is a key component in protecting our environment. By properly disposing of used motor oil we can avoid contaminating our oceans, waterways, beaches, and wildlife.

If you’re looking to recycle used motor oil, the best place to start is by visiting RecycleSearch to access our recycling facility directory. On the main landing page, enter your location and search for “motor oil.” You will then be provided with a list of locations in your area that accept used motor oil. Prior to visiting, please contact the outlet to confirm that they are still accepting used motor oil. Your county recycling coordinator is another a terrific resource. For contact information, please visit the County Recycling Coordinators webpage. And you can always access DEP’s toll-free Recycling Hotline by dialing 1-800-346-4242.

Recycling used motor oil not only keeps our environment clean, it also limits the need for the additional production of new oil, thus preserving natural resources. In short, by going the extra step and recycling your used oil, you can have a far-reaching impact in preserving our environment.

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