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Waste Reduction

Reducing the amount of waste we produce is the best way to prevent harmful materials from entering our environment. If we can cut our consumption and production of waste, less resources will be needed to facilitate the recycling process. There are plenty of reasons to reduce the amount of waste we produce:

  1. Save Money
    • a. We can reduce expenses by avoiding unnecessary packaging and buying more durable products.
  2. Conserve Natural Resources
    • a. The extraction and processing of virgin materials has a large environmental impact. By wasting less, we consume less.
  3. Save Energy
    • a. Manufacturing and transporting the goods we consume depletes energy resources while also producing harmful greenhouse gases.
  4. Save Time
    • a. Reducing household clutter or eliminating unwanted junk mail can make life easier. When we reduce waste at the source, we don’t need to spend time recycling or discarding it.
  5. Cut Disposal Costs
    • a. Programs like Pay As You Throw allow us to benefit financially from our waste reduction efforts.

Getting into the habit of reducing the amount of waste we produce only takes a short time but can have long-lasting, wide-ranging effects on our environment. It’s an easy way to get involved while also saving time, money, and natural resources.

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