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There are six water planning regions in the state:

Regional Advisory Committees

Pennsylvania wouldn’t have a State Water Plan without the help of a broad range of professionals who volunteer their expertise by serving on Regional Advisory Committees. They guide the development of regional components of the plan, provide recommendations to DEP and the statewide committee on the selection of consultants, and identification of critical water planning areas, and help facilitate a process for public input on the plan.

There’s one Regional Advisory Committee for each water planning region. Each committee includes 23 volunteers, representing a number of areas:

  • County government, county planning commission directors, or county conservation districts directors
  • Local government
  • Agriculture, production and horticulture
  • Public water supply
  • Public wastewater
  • Industrial and commercial enterprises, and energy development and production
  • Environment and conservation
  • Water resources management engineering, hydrology, geology, planning, law and economics
  • DEP
  • Compact basin representative

Volunteers Needed!

Regional Advisory Committee meetings have started. Many volunteers who served on committees for the 2009 State Water Plan are serving again for the update. But there are still some openings. As of September 2021, DEP is seeking volunteers with the following professional expertise. The number of individuals needed is in parentheses.

  • Great Lakes: environment & conservation (1).
  • Lower Susquehanna: county conservation district director (2); agriculture (1)- horticulture; industrial and commercial enterprises, or energy development and production (1); local government (1).
  • Ohio: local government (1); industrial and commercial enterprises, or energy development and production (1).
  • Potomac: county conservation district director (1); local government (2); agriculture (2)- one production and one horticulture; industrial and commercial enterprises, or energy development and production (1); environment & conservation (1).
  • Upper/Middle Susquehanna: public water supply (1); local government (1).
  • Statewide: agriculture (1); energy (1).

Committee membership generally runs from one to three years.

If you’re interested in serving on a Regional Advisory Committee, please contact James Horton in the DEP Office of Water Resources Planning at or (717) 783-2285 for further details.

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