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​Chapter 110 – Requirements for Water Withdrawal Registration & Reporting

A Department regulation, which establishes water withdrawal and use registration, monitoring, record-keeping and reporting requirements at 25 Pa. Code Chapter 110, became effective upon its publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on November 15, 2008.

Registration applies to public water supply agencies (defined as community water systems) and hydropower facilities, irrespective of the amount of withdrawal and to the following persons:

  • Whose total withdrawal from the point of withdrawal, or from multiple points of withdrawal operated as a system either concurrently or sequentially, within a watershed exceeds an average rate of 10,000 gallons per day in any 30-day period.
  • Who obtains water through an interconnection (purchase) with another person in an amount that exceeds an average rate of 100,000 gallons per day in any 30-day period unless within an area designated as a critical water planning area and the purchase amount exceeds an average rate of 10,000 gallons per day in any 30-day period. For critical water planning areas, refer to this map.

Any person not meeting the aforementioned reporting requirements may voluntarily register and report their withdrawals and usage to DEP.

Registrants must annually report their water usage and other information and retain records for at least 5 years.

Links are provided below for the registration form and instructions. A separate form is required for each source of water.

 Note: Registrations or reports shall not be construed as a determination of a person's water rights or approval of a withdrawal or use by DEP, any other agency of the Commonwealth or a Compact Basin Commission.

Several documents are available for estimating agricultural water use in determining need to register and for annual reporting: 

Water Withdrawal and Use Annual Reporting

All water use reports are submitted electronically through DEP Greenport.

For Chapter 110: Each annual report consists of a report for documenting "Primary Facility" level information and one or more reports for documenting individual source or "Sub Facility" information.

For Water Management Plans:
In accordance with 78a.69 (e)(3), all operators with an active Water Management Plan (WMP) must submit daily water use values on a quarterly basis for all sources.  In order to allow for greater flexibility in reporting, operators may also report daily uses values on a monthly basis.  In-stream flow measurements will also need to be reported if passby conditions are required under the WMP. The new daily reporting requirement is for water obtained from sources beginning January 1, 2017.  Operators with WMPs located within the Susquehanna River basin are required to meet this new reporting requirement. The option to upload values from a file template has been added to the new report screen.  The file template and Instructions are provided within the application.

To access the DEP Greenport:

  • If you have previously reported, enter your personal username and password. Otherwise, click on the link on the page to first self-register.
  • Once self-registered, click on Chpt/DWW on the DEP Greenport List Application page and enter the four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Primary Facility Number (PFID) previously provided by DEP to access the web forms.  
  • For any questions on the PIN or PFID Number, you may contact DEP at e-mail:; Telephone: 717.772.4048
  • For technical assistance on the DEP Greenport or the reporting application, you may call the DEPGreenPort Service Desk at 717.787.HELP (717.787.4357) between the hours 7:30AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday or send an e-mail to:

Report Due Dates

  • Public Water Suppliers - March 31 following the report year
  • Other than Public Water Suppliers - June 30 following the report year
  • Water Management Plans - Monthly reports pursuant to water management plans

How to Terminate or Revise a Registration

If public water supplier's source(s) is associated with a water allocation permit, in lieu of using the termination form, please contact applicable DEP Regional Office to either rescind or modify the water allocation permit. If source(s) is associated with water management plan (WMP), in lieu of using the termination form, please send a letter to DEP's Oil and Gas District Office, which issued the WMP approval, requesting termination of the water source(s) approval or the whole WMP, if applicable.

All others use the following forms to report a sub facility is abandoned/no longer used; revise information for an existing sub facility; or establish a new sub facility (Water Storage only) for an existing primary facility.

Service Area Boundary Online Mapping Tool (Public Water Supply Agency Only)

Pa. Code Chapter 110.305 requires a public water supply agency (defined as a community water system) to submit a service area map as part of their water withdrawal and use reporting.

In order to submit a service area boundary map or update/revise an existing service area boundary electronically, two prerequisites must be met:

Upon receipt of the form(s), DEP will process the form(s) and set up DEP GreenPort access to the application for each primary facility requested.

Note: Submission or update/revision of the service area boundary should reflect the existing boundary of the public water system. Revisions to the extent of the existing system will require a modification to the permit from DEP.

The Registration, Termination, Revision and Service Area Boundary User Registration Form can be mailed to:

Office of Water Resources Planning
PO Box 8555
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8555

or the form(s) can be e-mailed to:

The Service Area Boundary User Registration Form needs to be e-mailed to

Questions or need assistance? You can reach DEP at:
Telephone: 717.772.4048