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Continuous Instream Monitoring (CIM) Reports

Continuous Instream Monitoring

Streams, rivers, and lakes are dynamic systems that often require monitoring on a frequent basis to better understand the larger picture of water quality. As a result, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Water Quality Standards uses deployable instream monitors that collect data up to every 15 minutes. DEP commonly configures instream monitors to measure four parameters: water temperature, specific conductance, pH and dissolved oxygen. Monitors can also be configured to measure additional stream properties such as turbidity and water depth. Deployments are usually for one year but may be shortened in order to capture time periods of specific interest. For example, during the summer, dissolved oxygen can become critically low compared to other times of the year. Several deployments have been maintained for multiple years to understand year-to-year differences and observe trends.

Why Measure Continuously?

Continuous data are valuable for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, characterizing baseline stream conditions, describing seasonal and diel (24-hour period) fluctuations, and documenting potential violations of water quality criteria. Continuous data can also be used in conjunction with other measurements to estimate loading or establish continuous data for parameters that are difficult to collect frequently. Most importantly, the operation of a continuous water quality monitor produces a record that can be processed and reported to the public.

Continuous Data Availability

Sensors that are used to measure water quality require meticulous field observation, cleaning, and calibration procedures. Additionally, the data require correction, grading, and final approval. All data available through WebPortal and included in the reports have completed these quality assurance procedures.

Reports of CIM data are available using the links at the bottom of the page. In addition to the continuous data, these reports often include other data collected during the deployment such as discrete chemistry grab samples and fish and macroinvertebrate community surveys.

To view or download continuous data, use WebPortal at the link below. Instructions on common tasks in WebPortal are also provided.

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WebPortal Instructions

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BasinStream NameTributary toSite LocationCountyReport
DelawareCooks CreekDelaware RiverRed Bridge RdBucksReport (PDF)
DelawareTohickon CreekDelaware RiverSouth Park Rd to Stover Park RdBucksReport (PDF)
OhioSouth Branch Tionesta CreekTionesta CreekDownstream of Chaffee RunElkReport (PDF)
OhioDunkard CreekMonogahela RiverShannopin, PAGreeneReport (PDF)
OhioBlacklick CreekOhio RiverOld Indiana RdIndianaReport (PDF)
SusquehannaTuscarora CreekJuniata RiverGroninger Valley RdJuniataReport (PDF)
DelawareSaucon CreekLehigh RiverLimeport Pike to Black RiverLehigh / NorthamptonReport (PDF)
SusquehannaWallis RunLoyalsock CreekDownstream Murray RunLycomingReport (PDF)
SusquehannaLoyalsock CreekWest Branch Susquehanna RiverMultiple throughout basinLycoming and SullivanReport (PDF)
OhioEast Branch Clarion River and Gum Boot RunClarion RiverUpstream of the confluenceMcKeanReport (PDF)
OhioGlad RunSouth Branch Kinzua CreekForest Highway 186McKeanReport (PDF)
SusquehannaJacks CreekJuniata RiverBack Maitland RdMifflinReport (PDF)
SusquehannaKishacoquillas CreekJuniata RiverRoute 322 to Kish PikeMifflinReport (PDF)
DelawareSkippack CreekPerkiomen CreekRidge PikeMontgomeryReport (PDF)
DelawareSkippack CreekPerkiomen CreekRoute 63MontgomeryReport (PDF)
DelawareTowamencin CreekSkippack CreekMetz RdMontgomeryReport (PDF)
SusquehannaBuffalo CreekJuniata RiverRoute 849PerryReport (PDF)
SusquehannaRaccoon CreekJuniata RiverTwin Ponds RdPerryReport (PDF)
SusquehannaHorton RunEast Fork Sinnemahoning CreekNear mouthPotterReport (PDF)
SusquehannaLittle Kettle CreekKettle CreekHoppe Hollow RdPotterReport (PDF)
SusquehannaConklin RunLake MokomaNear confluence of Lake MokomaSullivanReport (PDF)
SusquehannaDeep HollowLake WoodNear confluence of Lake WoodSullivanReport (PDF)
SusquehannaDoe RunLake MokomaNear confluence of Lake MokomaSullivanReport (PDF)
SusquehannaMill CreekLake MokomaNear confluence of Lake MokomaSullivanReport (PDF)
SusquehannaAsaph RunMarsh CreekAsaph Run RdTiogaReport (PDF)
SusquehannaCanada RunMarsh CreekDownstream Horse RunTiogaReport (PDF)
SusquehannaStraight RunMarsh CreekStraight Run RdTiogaReport (PDF)
OhioBrowns RunAllegheny RiverBrowns Run RdWarrenReport (PDF)