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Accelerator Licensing Program

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires all particle accelerators used within the state for industrial use, research, or medical purposes be licensed for operation. A person who intends to purchase, construct or acquire an accelerator shall notify the department of this intent by filing the appropriate application for a specific license within 30 days after the initial order is issued to obtain any or all parts of the accelerator.

The regulations for this program are in Title 25 Pa Code Chapter 228

An accelerator or particle accelerator is defined as a radiation-producing machine that imparts kinetic energies of one of the following:

  • One-tenth of one MeV or greater to electrons if the electron beam is brought out of the evacuated region of the unit
  • One MeV or greater to electrons if the electrons are utilized for X-ray production
  • One-tenth of one MeV or greater to other particles

Medical Reportable Events and Other Medical Reports for Radiation-Producing Machines

State regulations require that a licensee or registrant possessing a radiation-producing machine report to DEP's Bureau of Radiation Protection all medical reportable events that occur during its therapeutic use. Other medical reports are also required when therapeutic or diagnostic use of a radiation-producing machine results in, or is the suspected cause of an injury that was not an expected consequence when the procedure began. Injury is considered any condition that warrants medical intervention. DEP regulations require these notifications to be performed within certain specified timeframes. These regulations are in Title 25 Pa Code Chapter 219.

Active Accelerator Facilities in Pennsylvania