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Electronics Recycling

Covered Device Recycling Act

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (Department) has determined that Shaghal Ltd. (Shaghal), AG Neovo Technology Corp. (AG Neovo), Gigabyte Technology (Gigabyte), Evervue USA Inc. (Evervue), AWOW Tech (AWOW), Chuwi Innovation and Technology (Chuwi), Richwoods Technology, Inc. (Azpen), Supersonic, Inc. (Supersonic), Proexpress Distributor, LLC (Proexpress), Trexonic, Wiltronic Corp. (IVIEW), MTM Trading LLC (Tagital), and Eyoyo are currently in violation of the Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA), Act of Nov. 23, 2010, P.L. 1083, No. 108., and are thus not included in the list of registered manufacturers maintained by the Department. The list of registered manufacturers can be accessed here under the “Selling Responsibilities” tab.

Due to the failure of Shaghal, AG Neovo, Gigabyte, Evervue, AWOW, Chuwi, Azpen, Supersonic, Proexpress, Trexonic, IVIEW, Tagital, and Eyoyo to be included on the Department’s list of registered manufacturers, the CDRA prohibits the sale of all covered devices manufactured by Shaghal, AG Neovo, Gigabyte, Evervue, AWOW, Chuwi, Azpen, Supersonic, Proexpress, Trexonic, IVIEW, Tagital, and Eyoyo to consumers inside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact me by email at

The Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA), Act 108 of 2010, requires manufacturers to provide recycling programs for desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions sold to consumers in Pennsylvania. Other requirements may also apply.

Collection sites included in the CDRA program may be utilized by small businesses, defined as independently owned or operated entities employing fewer than 50 employees. Businesses employing 50+ employees, or public entities (such as schools, local government offices, religious organizations) are not covered under the CDRA and must make their own recycling arrangements. Waste generated by these entities is no different than any other type of waste and must be handled accordingly. Electronics that are undamaged and remain intact can generally be recycled or reused. Devices that have been broken or damaged may be considered hazardous waste and potentially require special handling for disposal.

The menu on the right highlights the requirements for each entity participating in the collection, transportation and/or recycling of covered electronic devices in Pennsylvania.

Covered Device Recycling Act - A General Overview (PDF)

CDRA Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

CDRA Report to the General Assembly (PDF)

Information for Businesses Managing eWaste (PDF)